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   13th November, 1991
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As monopolists of brutal zealotry, the Kashmirian Muslims by and large played treachery with their Kashmiri Pandit neighbours for realising the distant but golden dream of Azadi and 'annexation to Pakistan', which has now turned into dust landing them in extreme frustration. To their total dismay, Kashmir is not out of the Indian orbit and political reality about it is not a jot different from what it was on that cursed night when Jehad was launched with its prime thrust against the Hindus of all hues. Pakistan as per the Muslims has betrayed the cause of Azadi and as promised has failed to launch an aggression on the Indian soil. The Kashmirian Muslims by and large have awakened to the reality that aggression on an inch of Kashmir soil will be vigorously met and escalation of hostilities will ultimately lead to the wiping out of Pakistan from the world map. Designed to destroy Kashmir and its eons old ethos, Pakistan has trained and armed the scum of the Muslim society for waging a war on India and the Kashmiri Pandits. The Muslim drop-outs and illiterates with guns on their shoulders have resorted to brutal killings and grave human rights abuses. The demon of terrorism nursed and fed by a dominant section of the Muslims has been taking their toll. In the initial stages, it was allowed to assume menacing proportions as it targeted the Hindu Kafirs, maimed and killed them, tortured them and finally herded them out.

Terrorism ravaging the Paradise was launched to rip open the political and historical reality of Kashmir as an integral part of India. Violence, loot, murder and rape were resorted to only to scare away the Indian presence from Kashmir to pave way for secession. Despite interference in Kashmir from America, Azadi or 'Kashmir's annexation to Pakistan' is a pipe-dream for the Muslims. It is widely known that Kashmir was not grabbed by India and its accession to India was voluntary subject to no such conditions as would guarantee secession of the state for a wild future. The Indian Independence Act of 1947 had not envisaged any role model for the people of the state. The Maharaja as empowered by the Act exercised his options, which were later on ratified by the Constituent Assembly of the J & K State under due process of law. Clinton and his buddies resorting to the imperious policy stance of prodding, hectoring and needling India might be warming the cockles of Muslim hearts, investing them with bouts of satisfaction, prompting them to persevere and impelling them to hope against hope for winning a battle which was lost by political retrogrades in 1947 and won by the radicals. That the loud cries about Kashmir being a disputed territory are absolutely lacking in inherent potential to rotate the wheels of history backwards. The broader shades of freedom struggle in Kashmir highlighting radicalism, liberalism and religious tolerance were for a tryst with modernism and democratic temper as against parochial backwardness, theocracy, bigotry and totalising perspectives.

The Kashmirian Muslims must be sweating in absolute shame that they are led and guided by the retrogrades, who have whipped up extreme religious frenzy and posed rejected frames of thought for social and political renewal coercing the Muslim society to accept the position of bondslaves working out the dictates of the scum stinking in mind and morals. The driving force of bigotry and intolerance are the Mullahs, who are the stample theme of fun and cartoons. What has been puzzling that they as such have gained complete sway over the Muslim myopics, thereby coercing multitudes to follow suit. The atmosphere is both stenchy and stinking obliging even the non-clerics to don themselves in the same fashion, thus sharing empathies with the general mass of robots monitored to a response. The Jamaat-i-Islami agitprop has succeeded in driving the humanity out of the Muslims reducing them as collaborators of killers and criminals. The Kashmirian Pandits shudder in shock as to how the Muslims suddenly suffered an eclipse and turned wild either to kill their Hindu teachers and neighbours or turned a blind eye to the infliction of worstever atrocities on them. The man in them driven away left them only as a pygmy savage.

As models of fundamentalism and intolerance, the Kashmirian Muslims acted very sober by keeping their nefarious designs close to their chest. They allowed their sons and daughters to cross over to camps for arms training designed to transform the Paradise into an inferno and warily camouflaged any signal about the impending insurgency if premature as per their computations by cunningly characterising it as the handiwork of Indian intelligence agencies. After the Jehad was declared and launched from mosques, they proved deft in raising scares, accusing the Hindus of a sell-out to India and snapping links with them. Finding Jagmohan gutful in meeting their insurgency, his star as their saviour sank taking them no time in labelling him as anti- Muslim with designs to decimate them whole hog. They inflicted psychological violence on the Hindus, bludgeoned and bloodied them and surprisingly, a canard was formulated and floated to malign the brilliant Governor as the author of the exodus. The stunning feature of the Muslim psyche is that once given a refrain they go on fiddling it day in and day out. Mujahids have done them proud as they have taken up arms for loot, murder and rape. As they have started looting and raping them, the Muslims in low tones tell their Hindu acquaintances with whom they are reviving contacts that as always they have proved wise in marching out to save their honour and dignity. Such wiseacres have oiled their hands with the blood of Hindus and loot of their hefty properties.

With their hearts throbbing to the tune of Azadi and 'Annexation to Pakistan', the Kashmirian Muslims must be realising the wonder that is India, which declares them as migrants when they are on missions of business, change and sabotage. They roam about the length and breadth of India with no fears of physical liquidation. They are the same people that cleansed Kashmir of any trace of Hindus and their culture and manufactured a tissue of lies in justification. Yet the somnolent ethos of the country harbours them, doing business, purchasing properties worth crores and providing support-base to the elements out to subvert the security and integrity of India. Insurgency has paid them hefty enabling them to enjoy both the worlds, warm and cosy life of their homes in the Valley, turned warmer and cosier with the looted properties of the Hindu homes and happy life in the sunny plains free from slush, rains and snows. And it is a travesty that the herded out Hindus, despite Indian hegemony, cannot have a glimpse of their homes and religious places, all reduced to a heap of ruins.

The unjustified cause of the Kashmirian Muslims for a wild political future undermining the broad interests of other ethnic groups has been projected by the Indian intellectuals, who have fabricated outlandish theories in justification of the secessionist movement. Tarkundes, Sachars, Tapan Boses, Kuldip Nayyars et al have relentlessly and fearlessly spoken for the Muslims and launched a crusade against the so-called state terrorism ignoring the genocide of the Hindus and wholesale destruction of their properties. The democratic temper of the country guaranteeing unrestrained freedom to dissenters to ventilate and project their view-point must be belittling and demeaning the so-called Muslim intellectuals, who relished the genocide of the Hindus, affording them pathological pleasure. The catch-all slogan 'Islam is in danger' doped them all and when back to consciousness they contributed to the genocide of the Hindus, doctors draining the Hindu victims of terrorism of their blood for reviving the Muslim killers, engineers leading bands of looters and killers for marauding the Hindus and lawyers in the name of human rights violations leading the hordes for psychological violence on the Hindus and their hounding out. The so-called Muslim intellectuals have shattered all umbrellas of peace, amity and harmony and burnt all bridges joining the two communities. Be it said that the Muslims in launching a crusade against the Hindus are politically, ethically, socially and religiously wrong. The Azadi when it was manipulated to dawn was spotted black and sooty (daag daag) and night smitten and night-bitten (shabguzeeda). It will never fructify as it is put on the pedestal of rape, killings, human misery and debasing goals. The patron saint of Kashmir where the hordes brimming with killer instincts marched for blessings cursed it, with acid rain and snow, thus scalding all violating the ethos of peace, harmony and tolerance as fostered by him.1

To the wanton satisfaction of their traditional enemies, the Kashmirian Hindus have been wallowing in a cesspool of misery, pounded, bloodied and hounded out, stateless in their own country, designated as migrants, but not as refugees as such a designation is fraught with grave consequences for the Indian nationalism and secular philosophy. The brutal reality about the Pandits is that they have been hostages of Indian secularism. They have been targeted, victimised and bruised for the fact that they stood for nationalism, pure and pristine in forth and content, not harbouring any paler version of it ensuring a pride of place for core communal elements masquerading as nationalists. Bloodied and herded out, the Pandits are hapless, destitute and deprived, eking out existence, aliens in their own country, bereft of services and assets, facing untold hardships, battling at each step to ward off pressure and weight of indigent conditions, nobody inheriting them as they are no vote-bank, instead self-seekers, well-cushioned and confined to their ivory towers, Weaving a web of canards only to justify the armed onslaught on them and thus obliging them to lose faith in the saviours of the country usually motivated by partisan ends. History has been repeating itself for them but the latest repetition of it has been horrendous and disastrous in range and impact.

Very few born in Kashmir can conceive and delineate the picture of a better home-land. Pining for being back in the bosom of Kashmir, despite massive destruction, the lakhs of Pandits pushed out under a fundamentalist intrigue to reduce it to a Muslim ghetto are and seem to be flapping their wings for a march back as for most of them like their ancestors. Kashmir has been an 'alluring candle'2, gusts of bigotry and frenzy sniffing it out and favourably placid breezes allowing it to burn on when restored sanity re-kindles it.

The Kashmiri Pandits credited with preserving the 'phoenix-like virtue' of rising from its own ash are making yet another bid to rehabilitate themselves in the cherished land of their birth. It is hoped that they do so, thus, once again, providing to 'history another chance to repeat itself'4. History has proved cataclysmic and devastating for them, tossing them from one storm to another, thus, in the process, endowing them with unlimited resilience and toughness to suffer and wallow in pain, yet getting energised to forge and cement new alignments and adjustments to perceptible limits. Historical evidences do establish that the Pandits have rejected rootlessness and despite storms of bigotry and intolerance ravaging them root and branch, they have preferred to be in the environment of the land-locked Valley dotted over at each step with their cultural and civilisational expressions. The toughness and resilience of the Pandits to be in their land of genesis has provided a lot of grist to the mill of secularists. Thrown out by the Muslim bigots and forced to live in inhospitable clime and terrain, they have the potential to carve out a niche for themselves and mark a phoenix-like rise. But, they are not prepared to cease their deep-rooted linkages with the valley, which carries a deep imprint of their flowering in history. Realising the instinctive love of the Pandits for their homeland, the fundamentalist bigotry coralled them out, but what should be understood is that each sod of soil, each mountain peak, each spring, each village and hamlet and each brook will establish the position of the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. Scratch the upper crust of Kashmir soil anywhere, what comes to light is their culture and civilisation, which are not dead in time but living and pulsating only to shape and mould the present and future of Kashmir.5 All such attempts as aim at their ruination and annihilation are destined to end in fiasco.

Notes and References

1. The Miuslim terrorists organised a march to the shrine of  Nund Rishi-Sheikh Noorjud-din-a great soofi Saint.  ostensibly to seek blessings from the saint for the terrorist  violence on their cards. The said march was joined by  lakhs of people, thus giving a jolt to the citadel of India.  The occassion was used to distribute weapons for killing  and raping innocent men and women, thus defiling the  shrine as a seat of peace, love, tolerance and amity.  
2. Letter from a friend in exile to another friend in wilderness,  both desire to be annonymous.  
3. Ibid 
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