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   Muslim Fundamentalism
   Terrible Plight of Minorities 
   13th November, 1991
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Muslim Fundamentalism

The Muslim terrorists of all hues hold aloft the banner of Muslim fundamentalism to rally the Muslim masses for establishment of Islamic state cleansed of other ethnic groups called kafirs (infidels) in their parlance. Brain washed in POK camps, they let loose a reign of terror to frighten away the Hindus, who as per formulations in Zia-plan, represented India and its value system in Kashmir. The unholy and vicious combine of Islam and Klashnikov led to the near-total weeding out of all vestiges of humanistic culture of Kashmir with its roots deeply embedded in the hoary past of Kashmir. The forces of religious bigotry enjoy absolute sway over Kashmir marking a water-shed in the history of Muslims having chosen to bid adieu to indigenous values of humanism for tribalism, barbarity and medieval thought nuances.

The Jamaat-i-Islami upholding the medieval thought structure as its guiding-star seeped the virus of Muslim comrnunalism and worst brand of bigotry inlo the otherwise healthy social and cultural pattern of Kashmir standing for tolerance, non-violence, mutual accommodation and good-will. The organisation directly linked with the Jamaat-i-Islami of Pakistan consistently worked for realisation of Pak-objectives in Kashmir, both political and religious. With Muslims as the predominant section of the populace, it made inroads into the entire polity of Kashmir with a design to realise secession of Kashmir from the Indian Union by whipping up religious frenzy for jehad. In the process, the organisation earned patronage from the Muslim first generation learners, limited in vision and devoid of depth, for establishment of Prophet's governance. The base of the organisation found entrenchment and consolidation with the active participation of the rulers that be.

The establishment of massive plethora of primary and middle-level schools in areas where education and schooling, prior to 1947, were the rarest commodity led to the creation of a mass of school teachers, mostly low level matriculates and middle passes, nearly semi-literates, falling into the trap of Jamaatist propaganda, vicious and poisonous in approach and content. Highly motivated and viciously biased, they poisoned the growing mind-set of the blooming buds at an early age. Utterly incompetent and worthless in matters of initiating them in educative processes, they as per their orientation doled out misconceived ideas about religion and its role for islamization pogrom. The college and higher secondary school teachers working under the impact of Jamaat-i- Islami found encouragement at the level of Muslim bureaucracy committed to the same myopic ideals. Mohammad Shafi, a Minister in Sheikh's and Farooq's cabinets, with a track record of turn-coat politics and deep-set commitments to Jamaat-i-Islami, finally took comfort in the lap of Muslim fundamentalism only to nourish it from a seedling to a full branched-out tree. He in his capacity as a minister of education not only planted Jamaat workers in educational institutions of all levels but provided them with political shield and patronage. He was the person, who confronted the Shiekh, when government orders vere issued to ban all Jamaat-run madarsas in the valley of Kashmir.

The Jamaat-i-Islami as an organisation spearheading Muslim bigotry and parochialism established its own network of Madarsas (schools) and study circles running into thousands. Its aims were political and instruments to realise them were jehad, anti-Hindu persuasions and myopic conceptual frame. The thought structure as upheld and propagated by it was in direct opposition to the indigenised Islam, which had firmer roots in the conceptual ambience of the risis and non-sectarian Sufis. That is why average Muslims assumed hostility unto the organisation including its interpretations of the Holy Text. Operating with single pointedness and with no forces to counter them, the motivated cadres of the organisation corrupted the mind-set of the semi-literates working in educational institutions and newly sprung up professional colleges. The ordinary employees with least educated mind finding slots in higher echelons of power structure with the aid of two seniority lists and other communal criteria growing ambitious of a religious role took refuge under the shield of highly virile and aggressive expressions of Islamic resurgence and blind-folded ideological frame of Jamaat-i-Islami. What was worst for the Muslims as a community that the newly born educated elite of doctors, engineers, professors and affluent businessmen with links abroad got rivetted to the medieval thoughtstructure ignoring the scientific orientation that they were expected to develop by getting a brush with the broad spectrum of scientific knowledge and technological developments as a result of greater chances of their exposure to such developments with their major impact on developing societies.

The Muslim lawyers rooted in absolute Muslim bigotry pandered the dictates of the Jamaat-i-lslami to establish the Shariat courts. The Muslims in general were issued a fiat to take their law suits to the Shariat courts for decisions. With its absolute abhorrence for anything liberal and modern, the Molvis of the Jamaat held Shariat courts to settle disputes ranging from talaq to legal suits. What is astounding that the Muslim lawyers succumbed to the blind forces of Jamaaat bidding farewell to and parting ways with modern interpretations of law from non-sectarian and liberal perspectives. Most of the Shariat courts are said to be bossed over by the Muslim terrorists, who are by and large semi-literates and the Muslims in general submit to the decisions of such courts speaking volumes for the Muslim mind.

The Shariat courts are presided over by one Abdul Rahman War, who flourished under the direct patronage of Mohammad Shafi, a minister in Sheikh's and Farooq Abdullah's cabinets. Harbouring hate-love relations with the Minister, he most of the time worked as his hireling executing his disruptive designs and sometimes deflected away from him only to find refuge in various political formations suiting his personal gains and ambitions. Rahman War fought elections on the ticket of the Muslim United Front, but failed to make it to the Assembly. Having forged firm links with the Muslim terrorists and other ISI sponsored subversives, Rahman War was installed as the Chief custodian of the Muslim religious conscience. He led to the establishment of a massive network of Shariat courts littered over the valley of Kashmir.

One branch of such Shariat courts functioning at Soyibugh on the fringes of the city of Srinagar was presided over by Rahman War to hear a plaint filed by the locals against a terrorist who had sex with a cow - a beastly act, to say the least. The case was heard and the Shariat court held the terrorist guilty and was punished. But the punishment could not be executed against the gun-totting terrorist (a Mujahid to Muslims), for obvious reasons. The cow having suffered the lechery of a brute was declared as polluted and hence to be killed with specific orders to the Muslims not to eat her flesh. Under a fiat of the Shaliat court, the polluted cow was pushed down a ditch killing her instantaneously. The owner of the cow recovered the carcass, hacked it into pieces and sold it to the Muslims.

These are their "great" Shariat courts !

The doctors with patients littered round them, groaning in pain and agony, needing their utmost care and attention, said namaz in the wards of government run hospitals and institute of Medical Sciences and devoted their vigour and energies to the construction of mosques in hospitals and that too with maney from public exchequer, least bothering about their professional ethics. Fleecing patients at their privately run clinics, they as a device of fraud and deceit exhibited unprecedented zest for Islam and its ascendancy and as patients of religious paronnoia raised a bogey of Islam in danger spearheading religious bigotry and narrowmindedness as a remedy to the socio-political problems.

The university and college teachers mostly hailing from the homes of first generation learners, obviously limited in eye range and lacking in mellowed perspective, fell a prey to the Jamaatist pogrom of the genocide of Hindus and their conversion as an alternative to genocide and also secession from India, despite socio-politico-economic resurgence as a boon of accession to the democratic polity of India. Despite a university, there is hardly a Muslim deserving the appellation of an intellectual as academic excellence and depth are no priorities. One Qayum Rafique, Head of the Department of History, University of Kashmir, has been withdrawing his published thesis Sufism in Kashmir from the market under Islamic onslaught as the book thoroughly exposes some vital facets of Medieval Islam in Kashmir. The university and college teachers have been responsible to a larger extent for the spread of Jamaat tentacles deep into the Muslim fabric by providing leadership role to the organisation rooted in absolute religious bigotry and obscurantism.

The Muslim engineers living in posh colonies displaying glitz and glamour of ill gotten wealth and riches have bred corruption, disseminated corruption and established corruption as the foundation stone of the Kashmirian society. Most of them being the products of post-1960 era with a short history of education failed to rise above the moribund ideological frame and continued to owe allegiance to any trend of thought manifesting Khomeini brand of adventurism and religious resurgence with little persuasions for rationalist approach to the analysis of world developments especially in the domain of science, technology and positive thought. The band of engineers patronised Jamaat and its parochial ideology by way of augmenting its finances from the loot they had made of development funds. The state government has no hold on the disbursement of moneys tor execution of development projects and sufficient amounts of it go to the Muslim engineers, who feed the insurgency in Kashmir.

Suffice it to say that the so called Muslim educated elite essenlially rooted in medievalism and archaic ideologies with no proclivities for rationalism and scientific temper wrought havoc with the Kashmirian fabric. They could have served as beacon lights for the onward march of society at large, but they got stuck up in the pools and puddles of Muslim backwardness, parochial thought ways and obscurantist models for socio-economic regeneration. As patrons of Muslim extremism and Muslim insulation, they threw a spanner to the pace of development bringing about a sea-change in the Muslim society as a whole in terms of socio-economic dynamics fearing the end of their supremacy over the Muslim social set-up having acquired new structured hierarchy. That they shied away from contemporary techna-cultural interface for the achievement of healthy perspectives in tune with the socio-political demands speaks for the regressive Muslinn mind keen to get shrunk back into the cocoon of stinking backwardness and myopia.

The agenda of Muslim insurgency was opened up with archaic fundamentalist slogans sending deep shivers down the spine of the Hindu minorities. It marked genocide of Hindus and hounding them out of Iheir home-land. The main butts of attack were manifestastions of civilisational growth and development. All liquor shops excepting those belonging to the Muslims were raided and bottles looted only to be enjoyed in the privacy of dens. All video-parlours were fiated to be closed. Anybody daring flout the fiat was to be sprayed over with bullets. Cinema halls were padlocked. The Muslim women were fiated to be clad in black veils. Those defying the dress codes were subjected to brutal atrocities. Their tresses of hair were 'raped' and what was worst that acid was sprinkled over girls moving about without veils. Tailors were ordered to sew such clothes as would be in conformity with their fiats. Cigarette smoking was decreed to be stopped. Cosmetic shops were closed. The cassettes of film songs ever on in buses were totally banned and replaced by cassettes replete with venomous contents of Muslim bigotry and jehad. The entire Valley was flooded with mini-sized or big-sized wooden boards with the Quaranic injunctions exhorting to wage a jehad against infidels, God recompensing the Chazis with abundant fruits on the- earth and those dying in the process becoming martyrs. Any Muslin- saluting a Hindu by uttering 'namaskar' was threatened with death. At the commencement of terrorism dress codes were issued even for Hindu girls, who disobeyed and openly flouted them. The Hindus declined to accept any fiat from any ignoramus posing himself as a self-styled law-giver. Be it said that the Hindus essentially a community of micro-numbers with no guns to wield expressed their high pitched hatred and comprehensive contempt for the terrorist fiats issued by semi-literates with low and murky records of morals, (and muslims have already had a taste of it), but majority of Muslims obeyed the. fiats in letter and spirit sensing in them resurgence and glory of Islam and Islamic law but actually sinking them in the quagmire of tribalism, fascism and irrationality.

The fundamentalist onslaught touched a new apogee when war was waged on books as repositories of knowledge and learning. Libraries throughout the Valley were ransacked only to denude them of volumes not conforming to the brand of knowledge upheld by the Jamaat-i-Islami fanatics.l Darwin as an exponent of evolution was exorcised as Islamic concept of creation is in sharp opposition to evolutionary perspective.2 All volumes dealing with Darwin's Theory of Evolution were removed from library shelves only to be destroyed. Jamaat-oriented teachers organised a protest against the continuation of Darwin and his Theory on curricula of under-graduate and post-gradate courses of study thereby underpinning their absolute contempt for rational expressions to explain the evolotionary growth and development of man.

In sheer Nazi fashion, two thousand books from the library of the University of Kashmir were withdrawn,3 thus pruning and denuding it of most of the books of Shakespeare, Kant, Shopenhaeur, John Milton, H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw. The tomes on the Indian philosophy as contribution to the realms of global philosophies were special butts of target and were withdrawn and mercilessly destroyed.4 The Jamaat-i-Islami launched a barbaric onslaught on N.C.E.R.T. books with their main accent on rationalism and cultivation of scientific temper. A library located in Batamallao, a den of Muslim terrorists, was looted and books destroyed. Some foot-path sitters selling books on Marx, Angels and volumes on progressive literature were manhandled and books looted. The library of the Information Centre run by Government of India was looted and then put to flames and leaping fires fed by the looted books after the fashion of Halaku Khan.

Tej Bhan a prominent Hindu writer with a number of publications to his credit was brutally attacked by the Jamat-i-lslami hoodlums for his views supporting the evolutionary and sociological developments of man as unit of social fabric. His publication, Pahchan was torn to pages in the streets of Baramulla, Kashmir and what was worst that the police instead of providing him protection pounced on him and put him in lock-up for three months. The inhuman treatment meted out to a thinking being attracted the attention of the Indian Parliament, which thoroughly debated the issue of Tej Bhan, his publication and his unwarranted detention and stating it as as a gruesome attack on freedom of expression in a liberal democracy was unanimous in his unconditional release.5 This was how the Jamaat-i-Islami cadres, highly biased and narrow-minded, set an agenda for the worst brand of regimentation to the destruction of all rational views and expressions.

The Jamaat hoodlums forcibly captured the canteen hall of the University of Kashmir with a view to converting it into a mosque. The Department of Central Asian Studies as a seminary of Muslim fundamentalism conducted myopic and lopsided researches from Islamic perspectives to the detriment of broad historical and cultural vision forming the plinth for resurgence of super-structural values leading to social and religious cohesiveness and harmony. The Iqbal Institute functioning under the aegis of the University of Kashmir has set pace for all myopic, narrow-minded and non-secular activities aiming at secession, social disharmony and religious hatred.

Indiscriminate Killings of the Minority

The terrorists operating under the umbrella of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front were the first to resort to the dastardly killings of the Kashmirian Hindus. They in actual praxis are the same myopic fundamentalist and indoctrinated as the droves of others affiliated to Hizbul Mujahideen, Allah Tigers. Ikhwan-UI-Muslimeen, Janbaz Force, et al. Rooted in the hate Hindu syndrome, the Muslim terrorists as per Zia-plan postulations started on a virile campaign of harassing, intimidating and terrorising the Hindus making it amply clear that the Republic they nursed in their mind had no place for Hindus and others not subscribing to the faith of Islam. The agenda upheld by the JKLK terrorists might be the establishment of an Independent Kashmir, which for all practical purposes is synonymous with annexation to Pakistan. The Hindus as an ancient community of Kashmir were denied any station and role-model in the Republic establishing that it had to come up as an Islamic State. Subscribing to 'ethnic cleansing', the JKLF terrorists equipped with the highly sophisticated weaponry took to the wanton killing and butchering of the Hindus the same way as fish take to water.

The brute gaining supremacy in the Muslim terrorists owing allegiance to Pakistan-sponsored outfits of all shades was hailed with loud applause and appreciation by the Muslims, especially their so called educated elite as a remarkable departure from the Hindu dominated Kashmirian ethos thereby establishing the crucifixation of reason and rationality as guides to a balanced, well-meaning and rational demeanour for purposes of living a corporate social life. The killings at first appeared selective, but in time gained the fury and frequency of a hurricane leading to the mass exodus of the hapless Hindus.

The Muslim terrorists operating from mosques and concrete hide- outs said to be built with government moneys in Muslim localities put not fewer than fifteen hundred Hindus to bullets and torture killings. Some were brutally strangulated with steel wires while many others were hanged from trees till they were dead. Some were burnt alive while many were cruelly lynched and fleeced. In most cases, eyes of the victims were barbarically gouged out repeating the medieval tortures inflicted on the Hindus by their Muslim captors. The kidnapped Hindus pushed into the terrorist established underground hospitals manned by government employed doctors operating under an overall command of Dr. A. A. Guru, now slain, were subjected to the atrocity of blood-draining and cast off only to await death. The Hindu victims of the Muslim brutality were slaughtered, and their body-limbs broken or dis-membered. The Hindus, who were captured, were beaten black and blue and then thrown off as dead into the flowing rivers to meet their watery graves. Many Hindus were straightaway thrown alive into rivers to get drowned and killed. Many were tortured by branding with red-hot iron bars. Tongues of many victims were cruelly chopped off, hands and feet cut off and bosoms, foreheads and skulls battered and broken with axes and blunt weapons.

Mr. Tika Lal Taploo, a prominent leader of Bhartiya Janata Par., was sprayed over with bullets in a lane nearby his house causing terror in the entire Hindu dominated locality. His popularity with the Muslims of the area got established when they in considerable numbers joined his funeral procession. The Muslim shops remained closed to mourn his death. But a word from the command circle room led to the sudden opening of shops.

Mr. Nila Kanth Ganjoo, a retired Sessions Judge, was gunned down in the Hari Singh High Street in broad day light. Lying in a pool of blood, with clusters of Muslims watching the ghastly murder, all in hilarious and up-beat mood, the police prevaricating to arrive at the scene of murder and quite unusually nobody lifting his body or covering it with a sheet of cloth, the real Kashmiriyat appeared in the throes of being born. The charge against the slain judge was that he had sentenced Maqbool Butt, a Chinese and Pakistan trained spy and terrorist, to death for the gruesome murder of a Hindu intelligence officer, Ram Chand, whom he had chopped into bits, put in a sack and then thrown off. The judge had held him guilty of murder on the basis of the recorded statements from twenty-two witnesses, who were Muslims, one and all. The Hmdu judge was brutally slain and the Muslim witnesses were granted amnesty.

A prominent lawyer, Mr. P. N. Bhatt, hailing from Anantnag, was mercilessly killed by pumping bullets into his face thereby exploding his skull. The Muslims inhabiting the neighbourhood of the scene of foul murder, a lane, chuckled and whispered, 'another is felled'. Mr. Bhatt's popularity with the Muslims could not save him from the terrorist wrath and not a single Muslim offered condolences on his brutal killing. Instead it was hailed as a victory for Islam.

Mr. Lassa Koul, Director Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar, was put to bullets by the JKLF terrorists near the gate of his house at Bemina, Srinagar, where his old and ailing parents lived. The Doordarsan Kendra is infested wilh lots of employees, who have known anti-national credentials and are reportedly responsible for the murder of the Director. The then Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting has been allegedly responsible for the induction of such subversive elements into the Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar.

The gruesome murder of the Kashmirian Hindus at the hands of the JKLF terrorists is proof sufficient to establish that they are communally motivaled to cleanse Kashmir of ethnic groups not attiliated to the Islamic faith. They declared war on the Hindus, who are un-armed and non-violent, only to annihilate and decimate them, kill and maraud them, loot and plunder them. Yet there are Indian ostriches to label them as secular. What a noxious misuse of the word secular! Could it be asked as to how it was necessary to kill and maraud Hindus? How would it assist in the processes of establishing an Independent Kashmir? Was Independent Kashmir meant for Muslims only?

The genocide of the Hindus started by the JKLF barbarians was continued unabated by the numerous outfits vigorously executing Pak designs in Kashmir. The Hindus were maimed, mauled, brutally axed and put to bullets. The hateful brutalities inflicted in the name of Islam and Prophet's governance have added new chapters to the book of barbarism and medievalism.

Mr. Dilip Kumar, a young man of twenty-nine years, hailing from Zainpora, was kidnapped, his dentures hammered out and twelve bullets pumped into his body.

Mr. Bal Krishen Tutoo of Sheshiyar, Habbakadal was fired upon and grievously injured and in a critical condition carried to SMHS Hospital, Srinagar, a den of terrorists, where Muslim doctors in utter glee and callousness did not care to attend on him, thus allowing him to kiss death, marking an eclipse of medical ethics in face of Muslim ethics. There were scores of Hindus who died for want of medical care in the government hospital intested wilh psychopaths masquerading as doctors.

The barbarous terrorists killed Prof. Nila Kanth Lala, M.A. (History) M.A. (Economics) M.A. (Pol. Science), B.Ed, a veteran teacher, in the early hours of morning when he along with his family was boarding a truck to buzz off. The terrorists were none other than his students, whom he had nurtured and initiated only to drive away the brute from them. But the brute remained only to take his toll. In his capacity as a veteran teacher, much in demand, he entered hundreds of Muslim homes to teach and humanise their sons and daughters and that is how he was recompensed. Not a single Muslim shed a tear on his death. What a sad commentary on the Muslim parents whose wards Prof. Lala had initiated to enable them to live sixty years as adults and ten years as children!

Mr. Brij Nath Kaul of Shopian in South Kashmir, a driver in Agriculture University, Shalimar, Srinagar was kidnapped from his residential quarter along with his wife. Koul in medieval fashion was tied by his legs with the jeep in which the terrorists were travelling. The gory spectacle was witnessed by hundreds of god-fearing Muslims, who in medieval fashion yelled in utter glee that his head was shattered, his leg was broken, his eye was smashed and his intestines were out. The grisly and ghastly murder of the Kashmiri Pandit represented a page from the palimpset of Medieval Islam high-lighting a true facet for Kashmiriyat projected by Farooq Abdullah, Saif-ud-din Soz, Ali Shah Geelani and more than most by Prof. Abdul Gani.

Brij Nath Shah in his fifties hailing from Kupwara was killed by strangulation. He had got his name tattooed on his fore-arm and the terrorists erased his name by peeling off the flesh from his fore-arm. The peeled off flesh was preserved to be used as plaster for the edifice of Nizam-e-Mustafa.

Mr. Chaman Lal Pandit, a teacher by profession, hailing from Badgam, was assured of full protection by his Muslim neighbours and that was how he stayed on in his native village teaching the Muslim learners only to draw them out of the cesspool of perpetuated ignorance by imparting them liberal education. He was kidnapped by the Muslim terrorists, killed and his body thrown on road-side to invite vultures. Not a single Muslim turned up even for condolences. Their assurances for his safety vanished like a whiff of vapour.

Five Klashnikov wielders forcibly barged into the house of Mr. Ashwani Kumar Garyali, Chattabal, Srinagar and fired point blank at him leaving him in a pool of blood. His father, weeping and wailing, rushed to the local police station for a vehicle to carry him to hospital. The S.H.O., a Muslim, avoided and prevaricated and the poor father went on begging him for a vehicle. The Muslim officer taunted the Kashmiri Pandit, perhaps, not realising that he was a part and parcel of the genocide of Hindus.

The same terrorists kidnapped Messers Chaman Lal Koul and Som Nath Raina, and strangulated them to death.

Mr. Ashok Kumar, a young man of thirty years, hailing from Pulwama, was kidnapped by armed Muslim terrorists and broke all his body parts. Imploring for mercy, the terrorists carried him to the main crossing of the road and gouged his eyes with steel bars in presence of hundreds of Muslims got collected to witness the gruesome spectacle.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Qazi, 32 year old, was caught hold of by the terrorists on the main road of Tankipora, Srinagar and was mercilessly beaten with iron rods and huge sticks and dragged into a lane where his legs were broken and was thrown inta a drain, shrieking and gasping. Nobody picked him up and the terrorists re-appeared on the scene only to shoot him to death.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Bhatt hailing from Shopian was kidnapped from SMHS Hospital, less of a hospital and more a terrorist den, and was subjected to the atrocity of breaking his legs, chopping off his tongue and inflicting burns by cigarettes. He was rescued by CRPF jawans from the riverbed where he was cast off in a state of unconsciousness by the cruel terrorists. He is a pulsating proof of Muslim terrorism and barbarity.

Mr. Avtar Krishen, hailing from Pulwana, was kidnapped and kept in captivity for a number of days. He was subjected to torture by cigarette burns and by peeling off his skin. Finally the Kafir's abdomen was ripped open and thrown off on a road side, thus marking a victory for Islam.

Mr. R. K. Razdan, a resident of Chattabal, Srinagar was kidnapped and fleeced with a plastic insulated telephone wire. He fell unconscious and the terrorists taking him as dead threw him into the Jehlum. Gaining consciousness, Razdan crept towards the road only to be rescued by the BSF Jawans. His body bore cigarette burns and deep-cut wounds inflicted by sharp-edged weapons.

Mr. Man Mohan Bhatt of Qazi Hamam, Baramulla, was taken by some of his Muslim friends to a tea-shop for a cup of tea. He was assaulted upon and kept in captivity and killed. His dead body was thrown from a vehicle on the road. All joints of his body were battered. There were multiple injuries on the muscles of bis arms and was put to hullets as well.

Mr. A.K. Raina, Deputy Director, Food and Supplies, Srinagar was killed by the terrorists in his office chambers. Raina lay in a pool of blood and his subordinates, all Muslims, witnessed the gory murder gleefully. In reality, the schedule of killings used to be well within the knowledge of the Muslims working in government offices or living in various localities establishing a close nexus between the killers and bigoted Muslims.

Prof. K.L. Ganjoo, a wellknown agricultural scientist, had a number of Muslim friends and students whom he had taught and initiated. Pandits fleeing from their localities had failed to make an impress on him as he was assured of total protection by his Muslim friends and taught. He had been to Kathmandu on an assignment for a short period and returned to his native town only in March, 1990. Prof Ganjoo was kidnapped and subjected to horrific brutalities by his Muslim friends and students, now turned frenzied terrorists. He was ultimately asked to walk into the river Jehlum without looking back; and he did look back wher he feared to get drowned and the bartarous terrorists fired volleys af bullets to end his life. The Muslim psychopaths relished Prof. Ganjoo's helplessness and pathetic state to the last dregs of it and it was only to establish Prophet's governance in Kashmir.

Mrs. Prana Ganjoo, wife of Prof. K. L, Ganjoo, was kidnapped and gang-raped by the Muslim psychopaths. Her breasts were chopped off and as per police reports she had no body-limb intact and that was why her body was not handed over to her relatives for last rites. The police have declared her dead. But intriguingly her dependants have not been paid compensation so far. But many believe that she is in the captivity of the terrorists, who have converted her to Islam.

Mr. Joginder Malhotra called out from his house was carried off in a gypsy. He was tortured and killed. His body was terribly mutilated and was beyond recognition. The Muslim hounds had dotted his testicles and other body parts with cigarette burns. There were stab injuries also dotting his mutilated body.

Mr. Virendra Bhatt, a junior engineer, hailing from Nagam, fought a duel with a terrorist, who took out a pistol to shoot at him. But other accomplices fired at him from point blank range only to leave him bleeding profusely. The Muslim shopkeepers and neighbours watched the ugly murder, perhaps regimented to believe that Nizam-e-Mustafa was round the corner and murder of a Kafir was the only means to achieve and establish it.

Mr. D. N. Mujoo, a scholar, philosopher and theosophist, was a retired headmaster, who throughout his distinguished career as a teacher had taught thousands of Muslim scholars in the schools he had served. He was a life long member of the Women's Welfare Trust, Kashmir, the first institution to establish schools in Kashmir for women of all religious shades under the umbrella of the Theosophical Society, Kashmir Shaivism, Theosophy and J. Krishnamurti were his forte. The terrorists, a pack of hounds, forcibly entered his residence at Rawalpora and slit his throat only to bleed him to death. He was fairly an old man, weak, infirm and emaciated. But Muslim fury knows no humanistic considerations and the cruelty of slitting his throat open was an essential cog in the establishment of Prophet's governance in Kashmir.

Mr. Ved Lal Ganjoo. Principal, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Sopore fell a victim to armed Muslim bigotry. He was killed in his office chambers and all Muslim teachers having strong ties with Jamaat-i-Islami conspired to get him brutally killed. The principal had a distinguished career as a teacher and was known for his dedication lo the cause of education. And the Muslim terrorists cruelly killed him as he was a Kafir (infidel) with no place in Nizam-e-Mustafa.

Mr. Sarwanand Koul Premi, a retired headmaster, resident of Anantnag, was confident of withstanding the Islamic hurricane as he had taught every dog in the village and hence could not be so ungrateful as to bite him. He had a brilliant service career and had held aloft the banner of love, affection, tolerance and good will. He was a poet and creative writer. He had the distinction of translating the Bhagvat Gita into Kashmiri language in metrical verse thereby adding richness and variety to the language. But, the Muslim terrorists had already drawn plans for his killing. Some of them called at his house asking him to accompany them for a word. As the genocide of the Hindus had already begun, his family wailed and moaned. He was taken away and his son, Virender Koul, insisting to accompany his father, was also carried off. Both of them were subjected to horrendous tortures. A nail was driven at the spot where he put a tilak -mark. His eyes were gouged out and body-limbs broken and was hanged from a tree for everybody to witness the grisly murder. His hairs were uprooted and body skin burnt and fleeced. His son was meted out the same atrocious treatment.

Premi was a poet holding fast to the Advaita concept of 'I am truth'. He was another Mansur butchered by the Muslim bigots for the world-view he harboured and firmly clung to. Like Mansur, he was a paragon of virtue working for the moral upliftment of all. But the Muslim bigotry cannot permit dissent and shades of free thinking.

Premi had a good library consisting of masterly works by eminent authors, scholars and poets. Besides Vedas, the Mahabarata, the Ramayan and the Bhagwatgita, he had a copy of the Quran, which caused tremendous amazement to the local boors and mercenary Afghans destroying his books and manuscripts after the Muslim fashion.

Mr. D. N. Chowdhary, manager pre-cast cement factory, Wuyan was kidnapped from his office in presence of three Muslim officers. He was subjected to the worst-ever brutalities and tortures. His hands were cruelly broken and his tongue chopped off. His face was scarred and burnt by moving a red-hot iron-press on it. His eyes were gouged out. His body was thrown at a nearby village, Lethopora on Srinagar-Anantnag highway. It was an open exhibition of brutal savagery and atrocities inflicted on genial tempered Chowdhary would shame all the savages in the world.

Numberless Hindu women were put to barbarous treatment by the Muslim terrorists. The tortures inflicted on them are unheard of even in the darkest period of medieval history. They were molested, raped and massacred only to establish the hatred the Muslim terrorist, harboured against the Hindus in general.

Miss Kumari Babli and her mother, Shrimati Roopwati, were kidnapped from Pulwama. Both of them were gang-raped and strangulated and their dead bodies thrown on the road, thus marking a big triumph for Islam and Nizam-e-Mustafa.

Shrimati Girija working in a government school in Bandipora had gone to collect her-pay from the school office. After collecting her salary, she called on her Muslim colleague in the same locality. Her movements were watched by the terrorists, who kidnapped her from the Muslim house. The Muslim colleague along with her parents did not even protest for the simple fact that she was a Hindu lady, a Kafir, the possession of whose body was halal. She was brutally gang-raped, stripped, placed on a bandsaw and chopped into two equal halves. And the brutalised Muslim terrorists committed the heinous crime far establishing a political system as conceived in their Nizame-e-Mustafa.

Shrimati Sarla Bhatt, a low grade nurse working in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura, Srinagar was suspected to be aware of the terrorist activities planned by Dr. A. A. Guru, now slain and his cohorts in the Medical Institute. Sarla once by chance while on her duty was said to have overheard the conversation between Dr. Guru and Hamid Sheikh, Deputy Commandant of JKLF, now slain. Taken as an informer, she was eliminated at the behest of Dr. Guru, who had asked the nurse to go on leave but had not obliged him. Ashraf Chalkoo, a hawker from Baramulla, comrade-in-arms of Dr. Guru, along with many Muslim psychopaths raped her. Stripping her naked and slitting open her private parts, Sarla was brutally murdered an cast off on a road-side, thus installing a corner stone for the structure of Nizam-e-Mustafa.

The genocide of the Kashmirian Hindus as planned by ISI and executed by the wilful Muslim terrorists was the epilogue to the bloody saga actually begun in 14th cenlury. The killings of men and women tellingly establish the cruel and inhuman tortures inflicted by terrorists on the Hindus. Accusing them of being informers, they launched upon their genocide, forcing the entire community to take to its heels without knowing where to take shelter. The brutalities perpetrated on them could not but frighten and chill the community to its bones. The fragile community was denuded of its brilliant men and women for no fault of it. The killings if done in other parts of the world would have raised world-wide protests. But, to the dismay of the Kashmirian Hindus, the state government in absolute shambles presided over by the bigoted Muslims connived at and abetted the genocide of the Hindus. Every effort was made to hoodwink the Indian public opinion by hiding the anti-Hindu thrust of the terrorist violence. The religious sentiments of the Hindus were deeply hurt by not handing over the dead bodies of hundreds of slain Hindus for last rites to their kith and kin residing in camps littered over the country. The spineless Government of India, too, seems to have a vested interest in concealing the genocide of the Hindus in Kashmir and inhuman and barbarous indignities and atrocities heaped on them.

The civilised world sensitive to the human rights violations was kept in the dark about the massacre of the Kashmirian Hindus and horrendous torture inflicted on them. The civilised world is not aware of the fact that the Hindu women were kidnapped at gun-point, gang-raped, stripped naked and mercilessly butchered and hot iron seals bearing the expression JKLF and Pakistan Zindabad forged on their mangled bodies. That hundreds of missing women are in the captivity of the Muslim terrorists and their active collaborators was never highlighted by the powers that be. The plight of 3 lakh Hindus thrown out of their age-old homes and hearths living like worms in drains was never put on world focus. The Muslim terrorists wielding highly sophisticated and deadly weapons only to realise fundamentalist objectives were not projected before the world fora and opinion moulding bodies with a view to exposing their evil designs for ethnic cleansing in Kashmir.

The state administrative setup conniving and abetting the genocide of the Hindus has been extremely hostile to the Hindus. But the ostriches of the echelons of power in the central Capital as a matter of design put a cover over the genocide of the Hindus and played it down as if Thames had not been on flames. The state bureaucracy and the central leaders appear to be on the same wave length, the former aiding the processes of genocide, loot and plunder of the Hindus and the latter providing it a cover only to conceal the battered and tattered fabric of Indian secularism from the public view. No strenuous effort can hide the reality that the Kashmirian Muslims harbouring visceral hatred against the Hindus did not tolerate 2% miniscule minority of the Hindus and hounded them out only to reduce Kashmir to a 'green ghetto'. The democratic and patriotic forces in the country must realise and awaken to the reality that the Muslims if in minority have pretensions for secularism and it in majority violently work for the establishment of an Islamic state. What was the fault of the Kashmirian Hindus ? Have they killed a single Muslim ? Why were they brutally massacred and tortured and their women-folk reviled, molested and raped? The world fora were never informed that the Kashmirian Hindus were hounded out as a prelude to the inaugural of a political system put on the foot-stool of Shariat (Islamic law).

Open Loot and Destruction of Property

The Hindus of Kashmir throughout their chequered history have been subjected to frequent bouts of loot and plunder. The savage tribes of Bombas and Khokhas as per the historical records were hired by the Muslim bigots to loot and plunder the Hindus and in case of resistance they were ordained to be burnt alive in their houses. The same instinct of ferocity, aggression and savagery re-emerged and re-surfaced through the length and breadth of Kashmir in the wake of the forcible exodus of the Kashmirian Hindus from the bosom of their native land.

As per the available data, 3 lakh Hihdus fled their homes and hearths only to save themselves from terrorist brutalities. They knew not where to take shelter and refuge. The armed Muslim hounds had launched upon a crusade against them designed to extirpate infidelity from Kashmir. The young and the old, the weak and the strong, the deaf and the dumb, the sane and the insane, men and women were put to bullets, untold tcrtures and agonies, medieval barbarities and savageries. The Hindus all in panic and terror boarded the first available bus or truck to go across the Bannihal Jawahar Tunnel leaving their house-hold goods and articles in their homes with doors locked and windows shut and barred.

The loot and plunder of the Kashmirian Hindu homes was organised by the Muslim bigots with mosques as focal centres. The goods looted were collected and stuffed in them and later on distributed among the looters as booty leaving a tithe of it to augment the resources of the mosques. The droves of looters and plunderers are said to be not the anti-social and undesirable elements, but men who can be termed as prosperous by all standards. The fury of the looters was discernible when doors, windows and gates were either broken, removed or openings made only to break into the Hindu houses. The Muslims overpowered by predators and aggressive persuasions and traits indulged in loot and plunder with vengefulness. There is not a single Hindu home in the Valley of Kashmir which has not been looted and plundered with impunity. There are certain areas which have been subjected to a looting spree not only once but ten times. All the Hindu houses in the locality of Rainawari which was allowed to be under a siege of the terrorists have been subjected to loot and plunder umpteen times, thus denuding each house of its goods and articles essential for living a normal and comfortable life.

The Muslim looters and plunderers removed beddings, kitchen ware, gas cylinders, gas stoves, ordinary stoves, mats, rugs, furnishings, curtains, carpets, gabbas, namdas, beds, chairs, wooden and steel sofas, sewn suits, suit lengths, cravats, shirts, pulovers, phirans especially newly sewn, saris, pashmina shawls, blankets, footwear, salwar and kameez meant for girls, watches, wall clocks, radio-sets, tv-sets, tape recorders, trunks, briefcases, suit cases, copper ware, brass ware, tea- sets, sewing machines, jewellery and gold ornaments from the homes of the Kashmirian Hindus. It is a loot and open loot reminiscent of tribal societies stunted at the lowest rung of the civilisational ladder.

The Muslim plunderers motivated by their acquired tribal traits removed doors, windows, inner wooden ceilings, electric fittings, roofs, sinks, wash basins and geysers from Hindu houses. Copper vessels meant for warming water covered by cement and sunk in bricks were dug out and looted. Water pipes laid underground and over-ground for supply of drinking water to the houses were dug out and savagely looted. The houses already looted and denuded of all house-hold goods by one drove leaving nothing for other droves to loot were vengefully and sadistically damaged by scratching of walls, breaking of window and door fixtures, mirrors fixed in walls, and photographs of dead parents and gods and goddesses hung against walls. The looters motivated by tribal culture removed steel and wooden almirahs and other heavy brass pots in hand-driven carts. The prowlers reducing a civilised society to the lowest ebb openly looted and plundered the Hindu houses not at nights but in broad daylight fearing none as all shared the booty. The Hindu-houses surrounded by the Muslims were not subjected to one swoop, but were denuded of all possessions at a leisurely pace. In such localities loot was organised by women squads owing allegiance to the Dukhtaran-i-Milat.

Thc Hindu houses yet standing and not put to flames have been illegally occupied and thus grabbed by the Muslims. The Muslims living in such houses keep on shifling from house to house along with the residual booty they lay their hands on. At the very inception of insurgency, the Hindu houses under the nose of their owners were marked red only for distribution as booty among the faithfuls and as of now are under Muslim occupation revealing the Muslim mind harbouring designs to decimate the Hindus.

The Hindu shops throughout the Valley have been looted and plundered or illegally grabbed by the Muslims. The orchards and tracts of cultivable land owned by the Hindus have been grabbed by the Muslim neighbours, selling the produce and thus cornering huge sums, leaving a part of it for the apex body organising the loot and plunder of the Hindu properties. The agriculture commissioner, Mr. Vijay Baqaya in his meet the press programme has reportedly said that orchards belonging to the Hindus are being looked after by their neighbours and relatives. Who are their neighbours ? Who are their relatives ? They are all decaying and eking out existence in the squaldid camps in Jammu and elsewhere. Mr. Baqaya's statement is highly misleading. The fact remains that the Muslim looters have looted and plundered the Hindu properties and grabbed their orchards and cultivable lands. The warning issued by the JKLF terrorists to vacate the Hindu properties is a testimony to the grabbing of their properties by none other than the Muslims.

A community harbouring a mere pretence to canons of civilised behaviour cannot even think of looting, plundering and grabbing the properlies of their neighbours. Are there credal canons motivating the Muslim looters to loot and plunder the properties of the Hindus and that too in their absence? The objectivity of the situation cannot deter an independent observer from coming to the conclusion that the looters mark an eclipse of rationality and sanity for a community allowing such an open loot and plunder of their Hindu neighbours whose joys and sorrows it zestfully shared and partook. And there is a Shaha-bu-din still drawing comfort from a non-fact that the fleeing Hindus handed over the keys of their houses to their Muslim neighbours.

The looted properties from the Hindu homes were openly sold and auctioned. And there were buyers all available for them. The booty was openly sold to the buyers at throw-away prices. What is amazing that no rational Muslim motivated by human sensibilities could raise his voice in protest against the sale of booty establishing it as a throw-back proclivity to the abysmal levels of tribal barbarity. For a tribal booty is sweet and its sale is sweeter.

The 'ethnic cleansing' remains incomplete if the roots of the Kashmirian Hindus are not decimated and destroyed and roots remain embedded in the houses as expressions of human personality. The Muslim terrorists and their accomplices have been relentless in destroying the houses belonging to the Kashmirian Hindus. Such ten thousand houses have been cruelly set ablaze till date. A detailed catalogue of gutted houses bearing locations and FIRs was submitted lo the erstwhile Home Minister of India, M.M. Jacob, who could not doubt the authenticity of it as it was replete with and supported by all relevant details and descriptions. The terrorists are vengefully burning the Hindu houses with a view to reducing the Kashmirian Hindus to the status of nomads, destroying their roots and moorings and sealing all opportunities of their return to their native land. Their communal motivations become discernibly clear that they have not burnt a single house belonging to the Muslims who have migrated to various parts of India for lucrative business and sabotage.

A squad leaving the precincts of a mosque on a burning spree is followed by another squad only to remove doors and windows, logs and planks of wood, stones and bricks and other building materials for building their structures with the looted booty or get money by putting them to sale. The grand old house of Dr. Brij Bihari Kachru, a renowned linguist working in the University of Illinios, USA was set ablaze and continued to be burning for days on end. The house was burning and loot was going on. The looters were elated and extremely gaga that they could lay their hands on most modern gadgets and sophisticated devices. Arson and loot as ingredients of an ethos appear astounding to men of culture and civilised upbringing.

Burning of Books and Temples Of Learning

The looters breaking into the Hindu homes were extremely amazed to find piles of books and manuscripts stocked in them. In their utter bigotry and vitriolic wrath, the books were either stolen or torn or burnt. The libraries owned by prominent Hindu lawyers in towns and cities were looted and plundered whole hog. Their loot was allegedly organised bv their rivals in the profession. A Muslim with pretensions of being an artist organised Muslim terrorists to loot the brilliant sketches of priceless value from the house of a young Hindu artist, who had died much before the rise of terrorism in Kashmir. Heaps of books were torn and the mutilated pages scattered over the rooms and compounds of the ravaged houses. Medical books looted from Hindu houses were sold off for petty sums to the Muslim retailers, who convert their pages into cones to be stuffed with small quantities of tea, salt, spices et al. The works of Karl Marx, Engels, Hindu classics on religion and philosophy, Rajtaranginis and other magnum opuses were ruthlessly torn or burnt underpinning absolute contempt for books as repositories of knowledge and learning.

The Muslim terrorists, mostly drop-outs, kalbafs (weavers), bakers, vegetable-sellers, milk-men, butchers, domestic servants, plumbers, shoe shines et al have consistently worked to the end of pushing Kashmir into DarkAges and their wild onslaught coupled with high-pitched hatred is against books and all levels of educational institutions as temples of learning. The entire network of Hindu institutions established by the Hindu visionaries has been mercilessly destroyed along with the precious collections of manuscripts in Sharda Script in such institutions. The entire complex of Vishwa Bharti Institution established and manned by the Hindu minority was first blasted and then torched. The Rupa Devi Shardapeeth established by a Hindu scholar and philanthropist was set ablaze by the Muslim vandals. The institution had a rare collection of Sanskrit manuscripts, which were destroyed, thus inflicting an incalculable damage on the cultural history of Kashmir. The Vassanta Girls High School as the first institution serving the educational needs of women of all hues was set to fire by the Muslim marauders with all vengefulness. The Gandhi Memorial College as a minority institutiion was ravaged and set ablaze for the nomenclature it bore. The D. A. V. Higher Secondary School, Rainawari, Srinagar serving as a tower of learning and enlightenment was put to fire by the Muslim Boors. The Muslim philistines have sadistically relished the total decimation of infrastructure for manpower development laid out in post-1947 era.

With a view to focussing on the Muslim abhorrence of knowledge and scholarship, it will be pertinent to allude to the demonstrations in Srinagar against a tome titled as Book Of Knowledge authored by a European scholar. The Muslim termed the book as blasphemous and that was sufficient for the book to be banned. The goons in the demonstration catching hold of a French, urinating in a lonely corner, yelled to ban 'Book of Knowledge' and lashed his hands and bare legs with prickly nettles and pat came the reply from the Frenchman, 'Why ban Book of Knowledge only, ban all knowledge.' The prophetic words of the Frenchman have come true as the Muslim terrorists sunk in abysmal depths of ignorance and backwardness operating under the over-all command of Afghan, Libyan, Kuwaiti, Pakistani and Saudi Arabian mercenaries have burnt temples of learning with impunity thus depriving the Kashmirians of having a brush with knowledge and learning. The terrorist fiat of 'no discussion' smacking of Muslim fascism has led to the drowning of all vestiges of rational thinking in the Muslims, who are driven as a flock by the ISI subversives and criminals and foreign boors reducing them to the condition of one dimensional, inert, stunted and brain washed individuals.

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