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Whose Human Rights are being violated ?

Pakistan is trying to focus exclusively on Indian Security Forces action against terrorism, masking the fact that state action cannot be treated as an isolated phenomenon of human rights violations in an atmosphere of continued terrorists' violence.

In fact it is terrorists' violence that ultimately determines the limits and extent of state action to contain it. Unfortunately, for all their efforts, the human rignts organisations, too, have also focused almost exclusively on state action and not on the activities of the terrorists that prompted the state action in the first place.

Terrorists' violence per se is a violation of human rights. The resolution of the UN General Assembly on measures to prevent international terrorism, passed on December 9 in 1985 followed by the Security Council resolution after nine days, interalia "unequivocally condemned as criminal, all acts, methods and practices of terrorism wherever and by whom ever committed, including those who jeopardised the friendly relations between states".

Pak rangers imparting arms training to Kashmiri Youth
Pak rangers imparting arms training to Kashmiri Youth

Don't the terrorists have any responsibility ? And by focussing exclusively on state action, is not Pakistan guilty of distorting the reality?

Moreover, are Human Rights meant only to protect a few fundamentalist Muslims in Kashmir against the authority of the state? Do they not equally involve protection of the Hindus, Buddhists, Shia Muslims and others against the extermination, persecution and threat? Are they not to be allowed their traditional way of life or are they to be swept under by a religious crusade aiming for Islamisation ?

The right of self-determination that Pakistan is championing is in fact a ploy for the creation of a religious state in which religious minorities and women are subjected to servitude. The slogan of Islamic Jehad in Kashmir is itself a negation of the Declaration of Human Rights.

That apart, even less attention has been paid to the plight of migrants, majority of them Hindus, who have been terrorised to migrate from their homes in the Kashmir valley. These migrants have been reduced to live in pitiable conditions, particularly during the winter months, in shabby accommodation or in open. Ironically, the arrested terrorists are in prisons with proper food, clothes and shelter. Are their Human Rights not worth anything ? Do they not even have the right to live?

Understanding the Kashmir Turmoil



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