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Fundamentalism and Human Rights

The concept of Human Rights is a democratic one. It is based on the principle of the essential freedom of the human being and respect for his person. It is a concept in which it is believed that man has certain inalienable rights that are universal. Can a state such as Pakistan that does not believe in the equality of man and woman, where a woman's testimony is only treated as half that of a man, talk about self-determination and human rights?

In Pakistan, women who constitute about 52 per cent of the population are legally treated as second class citizens. The minorities are legally treated as second c1ass citizens. Even the Shia community among the Muslims who constitute about 20 per cent of the population is not treated at par with other citizens. To cap it all, the denial of equal rights to each and every citizen is justified under the cover of Islam.

The Islamic fundamentalists are, however not satisfied with denial of equal rights to a sizeable section. They want that:

1. The Sharia (Koran and Sunnah) should be the basic law of the land.
2. The state should be ruled by a single man (Amir) whose tenure of office and power is limited only by his adherence to the ideology of Islam.
3. The Amir is to be assisted by a 'shura' (Advisory Council), consisting of men with the qualifications to make valid applications of the 'sharia'.
4. There should be no political parties and no provision for an opposition.
Obviously, such a system is the anti-thesis of democracy. In a system that does not permit opposition, how would the human rights of the opposition be treated? The passage of the Shariat Act, the 'huddood' and 'zina' ordinances in Pakistan are the pointers towards the direction in which Pakistan is heading. Under such circumstances, can Pakistan afford to talk about human rights ? Would not the Kashmiris meet the same fate, if accession of the Kashmir valley with it is forced?

Understanding the Kashmir Turmoil



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