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Strategy of Terrorism

Obstructing Pakistan's designs have been the Hindus, who have lived in Kashmir for centuries, in fact even before the birth of Islam. Also in the way is 'Kashmiriyat' - the Kashmiri way of life, an essentially secular and peaceful spirit that every Kashmiri, whether a Hindu or a Muslim, is proud of. Such a spirit had already frustrated the designs of Pakistan in 1948 and 1965.

Therefore, Pakistan has resorted to killing Hindus systematically and methodically while at the same time introducing religious indoctrination, by misusing mosques and other available platforms, in a bid to frighten the secular Muslims.

As part of unleashing terror under the cover of self determination at the behest of Pakistan, the terrorists have virtually ransacked libraries in educatonal institutions and prohibited books which did not conform to their brand of knowledge. No wonder, more than 2,003 titles were 'pruned'. They included all books of knowledge, Milton's Paradise Lost, G.B. Shaw's plays etc. As part of the Islamisation' drive the terrorists used their gun power to convert the canteen hall of Kashmir University into a mosque. Classes where Darwin's Theory of Evolution was taught were asked to close since it did not conform to the Islamic tenets.

The list of innocent persons who fell prey to the bullets of terrorists is again illustrative of the Islamisation drive. The victims included prominent educationists and subscribers to secular ideals. Professor Mushir-ul-Haq, Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University who was kidnapped and shot dead during 'Ramadan', the holy month of fasting in the Muslim calender, Sarvanand Kaul 'Premi', a poet who used to take pride in reciting The Quran, P.N. Handoo, Assistant Director, Information and octogenerarian Maulana Mohammad Syed Masoodi, a renowned Muslim scholar were among such victims at the hands of the terrorists.

The motivation is obvious. There were people like them who could see the game and had the courage and conviction to speak out against the evil designs and hence some of them had to be singled out for silencing-all in the name of self-determination and human rights, of course.

Understanding the Kashmir Turmoil



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