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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Gems of Kashmiri Literature and Kashmiriyat

The Trio of Saint Poets - I

P. N. Razdan (Mahanori)

The fragrant flower garden of our great land tinged in the beautiful mosaic of variegated hues, irrigated by sacred rivers, fed by a fertile soil and enriched by mineral wealth, oceanic gems not for lassitude of luxury nor for evil designs but effectively guided by vigorous spiritualism of ancient heritage of India for self-confidence, self-reliance and similar positive 'Selves' to stem the tides of destructive storms of pseudo-secularism, fundamentalism, Communalism and such other negative 'ism' that tend to flicker out the consumed candle stick of Indian civilization at the end.


This in turn envisages a high degree of patriotic zeal to firmly knit together the fragmented, patchwork quilt of national integration to bring out and revive the cohesive union of warmth of hearts and constructive logic of minds with a keen eye on humanistic, domestic and international harmony in unison with global union of brotherhood vis--vis the humans and the ecological balance of the hydrosphere to reap the fruits of the bounty of natural gifts.

Dear Reader,

May you heed ... ???

Featured Collections

Lal Ded
Kashmir has produced many saints, poets and mystics. Among them, Lal Ded is very prominent. In Kashmir, some people consider her a poet, some consider her a holywoman and some consider her a sufi, a yogi, or a devotee of Shiva. Sume even consider her an avtar.
Nunda Reshi
heikh Nur-ud-din, endearingly and in veneration called Nunda Rishi, has left an indelible mark on the thinking and culture of all Kashmiris. The great sage was one of the twin stars of medieval Kashmir along with Lalleshwari (Lal Ded) with whom he shared the intensity of mystic experience whose profundity remains unrivalled to this day. >>>
Swami Parmanand
Parmanand rose to enviable eminence not only as a saint, but also as a poet articulating spiritual insights. Born in the family of a village Patwari he was named Nanda or Nanda Ram, and his persistent endeavour transformed him into Parmanand (Parma Ananda, i.e. Supreme Bliss).


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