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White Paper on Kashmir
The present crisis in the Jammu and Kashmir State is a continuation of the Muslim struggle in India for an independent Muslim homeland, which culminated in the separation of the Muslim majority provinces of Sindh, North-West Frontier Province, ...  >>>


Kashmir: Greater Autonomy
Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir has almost broken up the national consensus on major functional attributes of Parliamentary  government in Jammu and Kashmir. There is a deep difference of opinion about the feasibility of a political package on 'greater autonomy' to the State ... >>>




Human Rights Violations in Kashmir
The Kashmir Valley is in grip of terrorist trauma engineered by Pakistan. In fact, it is a low cost proxy war declared by Pakistan against India to grab Kashmir. The grimmest fallout of this atrocious Pak operation is the total exodus of the Hindu minority from Kashmir Valley.  >>>


Kashmir - Militancy and Human Rights

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Kashmir: The Bitter Truth
India That the Princely States of India, including Jammu and Kashmir State, were on the agenda of the partition of India in 1947, is a travesty of history  and a part of the diplomatic offensive, Pakistan has launched to mislead the international opinion about its claim to Jammu and Kashmir. >>>


Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Kashmiri Pandits

The martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur has a multi-dimensional significance in the annals of Kashmir, especially for the survival of Kashmiri Pandits. Aurangzeb was very eager to convert India, “the land of the infidels into the land of the faithfuls”.  >>>




Alternative Strategies in Present Political Scenario

Kashmir is no more a normal place now. It is facing a number of problems, the most important is that it is a place that lives without a huge part of people – Kashmiri Pandits (Kashmiri Hindus). The valley is in the grip of terrorist trauma engineered by Pakistan.  >>>


Autonomy and Minority in Kashmir

In October, 1947, when Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India., the ruler of the State, Maharaja Hari Singh signed the same standard form of the instrument of Accession, which the other major Indian States signed. The accession of the State to India was not subject to any exceptions or pre-conditions to provide for any separate and constitutional arrangements for the state.  >>>




Kashmir Peace Initiatives and Realities

In early seventies, Ping-Pong diplomacy brought the U.S. and China closer and recently cricket diplomacy has brought India and Pakistan closer together. Peace on the two sides of border, which has suffered all these years, has now generated deep and sincere goodwill and excitement among the people of India and Pakistan.  >>>


Kashmir and Religious Demography

The idea of population census in India is very old. In ancient India from times immemorial some estimates of population was recorded in different manuscripts and scriptures. Rigveda records a 'Low Density' population in and around villages. Where as 3000 years BC, we had 'high density' population during Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization.  >>>




Temples of Kashmir

According to Hindu Dharma , time is divided into four ‘yugas’ namely ‘Satya Yuga’ ,’Treta Yuga ,’Dwapara Yuga’ ,and ‘Kali Yuga’ .It is said in the ‘Puranas’ ‘Satya Yuga ’-- Age of perfect virtue, there were no temples , for the Gods appeared to the people and helped them directly.  >>>


Jammu and Kashmir: Original Residents are Suffering

Modern history of Kashmir begins with the unification of Ladakh , Jammu and Kashmir valley into an integrated modern state of Jammu and Kashmir . Original inhabitants of Kashmir were Aryan Saraswat Brahmins also known as Kashmiri Hindus or Kashmiri Pandits. >>>




Kashmir Hindu Shrines

A Book By Shri C.L.Gadoo

A Review by T.N. Dhar ‘Kundan'

At the outset I must congratulate Shri Gadoo for writing this book so painstakingly after a good lot of research. He has dedicated it to his late father Shri Janki Nath Gadoo and rightly so because heritage and history belongs to our fathers and forefathers. The book has a very well written and analytical foreword by our eminent historian, thinker and writer Shri M.K.Teng.  >>>


Sanskrit Civilization of Ancient Kashmir

European scholars searched for histories of India , from eighteenth century onwards, but could not find any that conformed to the familiar European view of what a history should be. The only exception, according to them, is history of Kashmir-Rajatarangini, written by  Pandit Kalhana, a Kashmiri, in Sanskrit during 1149A.D.Rajatarangini-river of kings, ....  >>>



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