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Atrocities in Kashmir
Destruction of Temples
Desecration of Hindu Temples in Kashmir from the advent of Islam 1339 A.D.
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated in Feb. 1986
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated from 1987 to 1990
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated from 1990-Dec. 1992
Temples Destroyed and Desecrated after Dec. 6, 1992
Temples Vandalized in Kashmir after December 6, 1992
Press & Police Reports
A list of Temples Destroyed

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Temples vandalised in Feb. 1986



Anantnag Town:  Two temples damaged and one looted.


Achhabal:  One temple desecrated, shit thrown on idols.
3. Moripura:  One temple burnt completely.


Sagam:  One temple demolished.


Naogam:  One temple partially burnt.


Teelvani:  One temple partially burnt.


Gautamnag:  One two-storied temple burnt and Dharamshala stoned.


Krangsoo:  Pujari Baba of a temple beaten.


Akura (Mattan):  One temple and its entire property looted, and shed set on fire.
10.  Dialgam:  One temple heavily damaged by stoning.
11.  Salar:  One temple set on fire.
12.  Aishmuqam:  One temple set on fire.
13.  Bijbehara Town:  Two temples completely looted, ancient idol valued at more than Rs.101akhs, broken. Jai Devi Temple desecrated and Idol stolen.
14.  Wanpoh (Gasipora):  Two temples, and Samadhi of Swami Dama Kak, completely burnt.
15.  Dhanav (Bogund):  Two temples and one Dharamshala burnt.
16.  Chogam:  One temple stoned; its doors, windows and three pillars broken.
17.  Verinag:  One temple on the parikarma of the holy spring damaged, doors broken, idols thrown into the spring. Pawan Sandhya, a religious teerth converted into a place for construction of mosque.
18.  Larikpora:  Three temples of Goddess Durga, Siddha Lakshmi and Shiva completely burnt, idols broken into pieces.
19.  Fatehpura:  One temple completely burnt alongwith its entrance gate. Ancient Shiva idol broken to pieces.
20.  Quill (Pulwama):  One temple damaged partially.
21.  Trisal:  One temple stoned, compound wall of another temple damaged.
22.  Pawan Sandhya:  Converted into a Mosque.

23.  Ganpatyar (Srinagar):  Temple heavily stoned.
24.  Jawahar Nagar:  Shiv Mandir desecrated and damaged; its property brought out and consigned to flames.
25.  Maisuma:  Dashnami Akhara, from where Chhari Mubarak leaves for Holy Amarnath Cave, burnt down.
26.  Raghunath Mandir:  Damaged by stoning.
27.  Tulamulla:  One temple in the village burnt.
28.  Waskura:  The famous temple of Mata Rupa Bhawani partially burnt.
29.  Gandherbal:  Two temples burnt and two temples damaged.

30. Yachhgam:  One temple partially damaged.
31. Badgam  Town:  Sharda temple damaged.
32. Chadura:  One temple damaged.

33.  Tekpora:  One temple burnt.
34.  Lalpura:  One temple burnt.
35.  Handwara:  One temple damaged.

36.  Baramulla Town:  One temple partially damaged.
37.  Vankura:  One temple fully damaged.
38.  Sopore:  One temple partially damaged.
39.  Bandipora:  One temple partially burnt.

Atrocities in Kashmir

Destruction of Temples



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