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Naming of Kashmiri Pandits

Gotras, Surnames and Nicknames

Study of Indic names is full of fascination for a zealous investigator. The convention of bestowing names in India has its roots in remote past. Its study is inextricably confused by considerations of race and caste.

The institution of surnames, though a later addition to Indian names, is a panorama of fascination as well as complications.

Nicknames in India in general, and in Kashmir in particular, have been developed and nourished to their possible ends. Present Kashmiri surnames are almost cent per cent specimen of Nicknames. Though, often they are repulsive and obnoxious, yet their utility as individualising elements and marks of identification cannot be ignored.

Excerpts from:
Sociology of Names and Nicknames of India
With Special Reference to Kashmir
by Ram Krishen Kaul
Utpal Publications
Motiyar, Rainawari, Srinagar-3, Kashmir



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