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June-July 2003 issue

The Natural Ice-Lingam of Shri Amarnathji

The Natural Ice-Lingam of Shri Amarnathji
(Photo from ‘Kashmir’ by Francis Brunel)  

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  Between Ourselves

… M.L.Mattoo, President


M.L. MattooOur Association organized a unique event “Workshop on Enhancing Personal Effectiveness” for our biradari youth, the first of its kind in our history, on 21 June 2003, with the idea that such events enhance the community relationship alongwith the career development. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Om Kaul, a world renowned management consultant and a member of our Mumbai biradari. Our sincere thanks to him.

Admissions to the professional colleges in Maharashtra state, for the current academic year have concluded, though with a lot of confusion regarding the fee structure. A good number of seats both in MBA & BE courses remained vacant. As usual we accommodated prospective candidates & their parents in Marwari Panchayat Sabha, Sukhanand Ashram at C.P.Tank & at Bal Vikas Bhavan, Chembur. Incidentally, President of All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) Shri M.K. Kaw happened to be in Mumbai during the course of admissions. At the request of KPA, he visited the counselling Centre at Chembur. He met various migrant parents from all parts of India who put in all the faith in him. He was very happy to be present at this conglomerate and complemented KPA for rendering various services to the migrant community. Our BoT members met him separately for nearly 2 hours and discussed various subjects with him. We also had fruitful discussion on the 'Project Zaan'.

Kashur Gazette from New Delhi came to my hand recently and it is shocking to note that Kashmiri Sabha, Delhi has disaffiliated itself from AIKS for the reasons best known to their Executive. All Kashmiri Pandit organisations in India and abroad had at last come under one umbrella by virtue of our affiliation with the Samaj. We in Mumbai were very happy about this unity and expected good time ahead, with a dynamic leader Shri M.K.Kaw at the helm of affairs. It is irony of the fate that Shri Sunil Shakdar, President KSD was himself instrumental in persuading and proposing Shri Kaw for the post of President AIKS. It seems we have not learnt the lesson even now that 'United we stand, Divided we fall'. - Nothing but clash of 'Egoism'. We assure AIKS that the Kashmiri Pandits' Association, Mumbai shall always stand behind it.

As you all are aware that our Project Zaan has taken deep roots and has come to stay. It needs whole hearted and continuous support, involvement and commitment by all of us, without which it can not succeed. The efforts put up by the organisers are enormous and we should see that these bear positive results. So far 4 volumes of the Information Digests have been published to maintain Kashmiri heritage, which has created deep interest in the youngsters as well as elders in India and abroad. It is the need of the hour to nourish the Project with all our mite.

In this context, we are conducting a Workshop on Kashmiri Language on Sunday, the 7th September 2003 at Kashyap Bhawan for all parents and children, as a prelude to 4th Kashmiri Quiz Contest, slated for 19th October 2003. We impress upon Biradari members to attend the Workshop.

Lastly Smt. Shushila Dhar Charitable Trust, Mumbai has extended the Educational Awards to 2 camp schools in Jammu at Mishriwala besides Muthi and Nagarota camps. A great work indeed! KPA is proud of Shri Girdharilal Dhar of Bandra.




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