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(A Programme to disseminate Information to our younger generation about our place of origin)
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Information Digest
Volume 2
January 2001

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Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust

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Lalla-Ded Educational Trust
Project Zaan
Information Digest - Vol. 2


Lalla Vaakhs
Message of hope to mankind

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches 
I went door to door, in my robes of sorrow 
Nothing did I receive but stones 
I did not find any one supporting me.

* * *

O fickle mind! Do not harbour fears 
The beginningless Himself worries for you 
How can you know when HE will satisfy your (spiritual) hunger 
You have only to wait for HIS divine call to ferry you across.

* * *

Digest compilers: 
J. N. Kachroo, 
Onkar Aima, 
J. L. Manwati, 
P. N. Wali, 
M.K.Raina & 
Neelam Trakru

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