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(A Programme to disseminate Information to our younger generation about our place of origin)
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Information Digest
Volume 4
April 2003

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Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust

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Lalla-Ded Educational Trust
Project Zaan
Information Digest - Vol. 4



This is the fourth volume of the Information Digest issued under the Project ZAAN, a joint programme of the Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust and the Kashmiri Pandits Association, Mumbai. Publication of this Volume, which was originally slated for the year 2002, got delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.

 Project ZAAN has come a long way since March 2000, when first volume of the Digest was published. Apart from releasing second volume in January 2001 and third volume (Basic Reader for Kashmiri Language) in March 2001, an exclusive website for the Project ( was created, with the help of Shri Sunil Fotedar of Texas, USA. This site carries all the literature published under the Project and is being regularly updated. The contents have also been made available in the PDF f.mp3at, for easy downloading. Recently, the following data has been added:

 1) Question Bank: Question on different topics, taken from the Information Digests, along with their answers have been given. The site will be updated as we go on publishing further volumes of the Digest. This will provide a complete data bank to those contestants, both children and elders, who intend to take part in the Competitive Events held every year, under the Project Zaan.

 2) Peculiar Words & Phrases: Peculiar Kashmiri words and phrases, which we often use in our 'what-is-left-of-the-language', mostly without knowing their exact meaning, have been explained.

 3) Crossword Puzzles: Puzzles for the children published regularly in Milchar, have been consolidated here, for benefit of our youngsters.

 Project ZAAN can be a great success, only with the help and cooperation of the members of the Biradari, particularly the elders. We hope that they themselves take keen interest in the programme, and encourage and enthuse their young ones to do so. We, as an ethnic community, inherit a sacred duty to preserve our language, our culture and our traditions, which are fast perishing, and propagate their values to our youngsters. Project ZAAN is a step in this direction.

M. K. Raina
Convener, Project ZAAN

Digest compilers: 
J. N. Kachroo, 
J. L. Manwati, 
P. N. Wali, 
M. K. Raina  & 
Vijaya Bhan

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