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(A Programme to disseminate Information to our younger generation about our place of origin)
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Winners of Competitive Events 2001

Particulars of the winners of ZAAN 2001 Competitive Events are as under (in alphabetic order): <<< Click here for Pictures >>>
  • Akshay Thusu (13 years) S/o Dr. Rajinder Thusu, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Ashish Razdan (17 years) S/o Shri Virendra Razdan, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Ashwin Razdan (15 years) S/o Shri Rajinder Raina, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Deepali Kaul (20 years) D/o Shri M. K. Kaul, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Karan Hakim (12 years) S/o Shri Tej Hakim, Santacruz, Mumbai
  • Mansi Raina (22 years) D/o Shri M.K.Raina, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Mineet Kaul (5 years) S/o Shri Satish Kaul, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Naren Kachroo (22 years) S/o Shri Suriender Kachroo, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Priyanka Kaul (10 years) D/o Mrs. Sarla Kaul, Dahisar, Mumbai
  • Ruchika Dhar (9 years) D/o Dr. S.K.Dhar, Navy Nagar, Mumbai
  • Shifali Raina (13 years) D/o Shri Rajinder Raina, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Shobit Razdan (14 years) S/o Shri J.L.Razdan, Kandivli, Mumbai
  • Siddharath Wali (8 years) S/o Shri Vinod Wali, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Vishal Raina (18 years) S/o Shri M.K.Raina, Vasai, Dist. Thane
  • Vivek Wali (11 years) S/o Shri Vinod Wali of Andheri, Mumbai

Winners of Project ZAAN - 2001

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