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Suraj Tiku

Suraj Tiku

Suraj Tiku

Sh. Suraj Tiku was not only very interested in painting but also theatre was his passion. He acted in dramas staged by the first theatre group Kala-Kendra in the beginning at its Shivalaya stage and later at Tagore Hall, Srinagar. He made set decoration and painted background scenes for dramas. Professionally he was also employed at Song and Drama Division of J&K govt. state information.

The veteran actors of Kala-Kendra were Sh. Triloke Das (from Toongipora), Sh. Lakshmi Narayan Kaul (known popularly as Lassa Kaul of Drabiyar, he also acted in dramas of Radio Kashmir), Somnath Sumbly, and many others.

Sh.Suraj Tiku later joined the School of Design, at Exhibition grounds, Srinagar. Its director Sh. Triloke Kaul had a positive influence on Sh. Tiku's persuasion of art.

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