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Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Assorted Collection of Kashmiri Paintings

Gokal Dembi

  • After getting frustrated by the inhuman cruelties committed by Iftihar Khan, Kashmiri Pandits decided at Amarnath Cave to approach great nationalist, 9th Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Teg Bahadur, at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab for help. About 500 Pandits, under the leadership of Pandit Kripa Ram, met Guru Teg Bahadur. [Painting]

Bansi Parimoo

G. R. Santosh

Ashutosh Sapru

Prof. Sant Ji Sultan

Bhushan Kaul

Rajinder Tiku

  • Well-known sculptor, Koshur Samachar

  • Shaman Family and village gods are sculptures in Terracotta and wood: These have been visualised and modelled, with local tradition in mind. Local tradition which is simple, down to earth and aimed at generating sacred around very ordinary things and shapes which surround us. Human figure and its various simplifications and applications has been the concern of all the traditions. This is just an attempt in continuation of that tradition.

P. N. Kachru

Geeta Das

Maheshwar Nath Dhar

Janardhan Bhat Braroo (b.1859 - d.1894)


  • Old painting of Surya Devata (courtesy: Shri S. N. Pandita), Koshur Samachar
  • Shiva Parivaar, an old Kashmiri painting (courtesy: Dr. Agnishekhar), Koshur Samachar
  • Mahagayatri (courtesy: Shri S. N. Pandita), Koshur Samachar
  • Lord Shiva performing the Celestial Dance, (courtesy: Nityanand Shastri Kashmir Research Institute, New Delhi), Koshur Samachar
  • Nava Grahas: Budha, Shankra, Chandra, Guru, Surya, Mangal, Ketu, Shani, Rahu, (courtesy: Nityanand Shastri Kashmir Research Institute, New Delhi), Koshur Samachar
  • Swaccanda Bhairav (courtesy: R. K. Raina), Koshur Samachar
  • A miniature by M. K. Dhiman student of well known Pahari School Painter C. L. Raina, Koshur Samachar
  • Eighteen Armed Divine Mother, Sri Chakreshwari Sharika Devi - a miniature (courtesy: Sh. Subash Razdan and Nityanand Shastri Kashmir Research Institute, New Delhi), Koshur Samachar

Source of most of the paintings:
Koshur Samachar



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