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Shri Bhat -- Light in the Darkness
As a result of efforts of Sultan Zainulab-ud-Din and Pandit Shri Bhat the ancient glory of Kashmir started returning. Temples started being built, ban was imposed on slaughter of cows, taxes were abolished and the migrant Hindus returned to their houses.
Birbal Dhar -- Liberation of Kashmir
Kashmiri Hindus did not lose courage despite being victim of atrocities during 500 year barbaric rule of the foreigners. When the Hindu state was established in Punjab, Kashmiri Pandits, through their adroitness and alertness, established contact with Maharaja Ranjit Singh and established Hindu Government in the state. The hero of this work was Birbal Dhar.
Kashyap Bandhu -- A Social Reformer
He is better known as a political leader rather than a social reformer. His efforts to revolutionize the thinking of Kashmiri Pandits - change their social structure and social disabilities, brought about a tremendous change in the community, the impact of which is visible even today in the dress of our women folk i.e. 'saree' and in the fast growing education of our women.
SN Fotedar Pt. Shiv Narain Fotedar
Pt. Shiv Narain Fotedarís ancestors were the Dattatreya Kauls of Rainawari mohalla of the Srinagar district in the Kashmir Valley. The administration of the Kashmir Valley during the Dogra rule (1846-1947) was divided into different parganas each headed by a parganadar. Under each parganadar there used to be subordinate government employees like thanedars, Shikdhars, patwaris, quanongos, fotedars, etc. >>>
JN Kaul JN Kaul
When 'Papa Jií - PadmaShri  Shri J N Kaul passed away on December 16, 2008, after a relatively brief illness, social and community activists from all over the world joined his family and friends in mourning his loss and remembering his contributions.  >>>


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