Kashmiri poets and poetesses.
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Dr. Harikrishna Kaul
Harikrishna Kaul is one of the major Kashmiri playwrights of the modern era. He started his literary career during his college days in early fifties, writing short stories in Hindi. He continued writing in Hindi till mid-sixties when he switched to writing in Kashmiri and immediately established himself as a major Kashmiri playwright and short story writer. 

Moti Lal Kemmu 
Moti Lal Kemmu, noted playwright is a master of his craft. He has done renaissance work in the restoration of Kashmir’s vanishing folk theatre form, Bhand Paather. For nearly three decades he made strong efforts to give it a distinct identity, acceptability and respectability

Pushkar Bhan
It would be hard to find a person of Kashmiri origin who is not familiar with the name of Pushkar Bhan. For Kashmiris in Kashmir, and all around the world, the genres of Humor-Laughter-Entertainment and Pushkar Bhan's name have become synonymous.

Moti Lal Saqi
Poet, writer, dramatist, scholar, researcher, encyclopaedist, specialist in Kashmir's cultural and literary heritage, authority on the Valley's Rishi tradition - all rolled into one.

Som Nath Sadhu
A tribute by Moti Lal Saqi