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Dina Nath Walli

Dina Nath Walli hails from Kashmir one of the nature's choicest spots. The natural grandeur of the valley had a magic effect on young Walli's mind who was simply bewitched by the colorful phenomena pervading throughout the length and the breadth of Kashmir. Having drunk at the source he worked with a true abandon and reveled in the ecstasy of his own creative composition.

Dina Nath Walli - The Artist
Picture courtesy: Sh. Tej Walli (

He got his earlier education at Srinagar and after a three-year course in painting at the Amar Singh Technical Institute Srinagar he came down to Calcutta in 1930 for his further training. In 1936 he returned to Srinagar and concentrated on landscape painting in transparent water colors. In 1939 he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Government of Kashmir. In 1940 he got a highly commended medal from the Academy of Fine Arts Calcutta. In Calcutta he came in contact with late Mr. Percy Brown who helped him considerably in his career and in 1953 he opened Walli s first one-man show in Nedou's Hotel Srinagar with great praise for the artist s work. He held his second one-man show in 1954 in Bombay at Jehangir Art Gallery which was opened by Shri S. K. Patil. Encouraged by the Bombay Press and the public he held his third one-man show in the same year at Delhi in the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society's Gallery. It was inaugurated by late Sardar K. M. Panikar. The response from Delhi Public and Press was equally encouraging. He organised his fourth one-man show at Calcutta in Artistry House in the year 1956. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Kali Das Nag. The notable Indian art historian Shri O. C. Gangoli was also present who addressed the audience. Shri Gangoli was of full praise for the artist's work on display there. Later he had some other shows in Delhi for the edification of artists art-lovers and those who are attracted by the charm of Kashmir's natural beauty.

Walli who is also a poet has published a book of his Kashmiri poems BALA YAPRI which has been well received in literary circles. He writes under the pen name ALMAST KASHMIRI. 

Update: Sh. Walli passed away in 10th January, 2006 in Karnal.

Image Gallery:

Kashmir: Water Color Paintings by Dina Nath Walli

Circular Road GulmargCircular Road Gulmarg
Gulmarg (meadow of flowers) is one of the most beautiful spots in Kashmir. Its height is 8500 ft. from the sea level. The Golf Course at Gulmarg is supposed to be the best in the world. Gulmarg is now getting famous for winter sports too. It has two circular roads - inner and outer. The present scene has been painted from the outer circular road. In the background is Ferozpore peak and pass. Most of the Pakistani infiltrators entered the valley through this pass in the year 1965. 
  Dal Lake in SummerDal Lake in Summer
The picture has been painted in early summer when only a few lotuses are in bloom and the Kotwal peak is clearly visible in the background. In summer when lotuses are in full bloom hazy atmosphere covers the beautiful distant mountains. The summer season is rather dull except for the lotuses and the people prefer to go to distant mountain valleys Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Yusemarg, etc. 
A Street on the BundA Street on the Bund
Occasional floods in river Jehlum would often overflow and cause much damage to Srinagar city. So to protect the city from flood waters its banks were raised and are called the Bund . By constructing this Bund the Srinagar city has been saved from floods. The area has become an active center of business with banks, Post Office, etc. It is not so important now as there are other bazaars and shopping centers in the city. This painting has been done about quarter a mile below the business center.
  Nangaparbat from GulmargNangaparbat from Gulmarg
The visit to Gulmarg is incomplete if one is not able to see the majestic Nangaparbat from its northern end. It is visible in the early hours or the morning and mostly remains surrounded by the clouds and haze. One should try to see it in the morning especially in spring or autumn. If one is fortunate enough to see it in summer it can only be after rainfall when the climate is clear. It is 26260 feet above the sea level.
A Riverside TempleA Riverside Temple
While passing through the waters of river Jehlum in a taxi shikara one comes across many temples and mosques. Some of the small temples look very beautiful along with the picturesque old Kashmir houses with overhanging balconies and grass grown roof tops. These beautiful grass grown roofs are being replaced now with galvanized iron sheets or wood. On the steps of the river banks one can see women washing clothes and children playing which adds more color to the landscape.
  Pirpanchal in AutumnPirpanchal in Autumn
Autumn is the most colorful season in Kashmir especially when there is new snow- fall on distant mountains. It does not only clear the atmosphere of the summer haze and dust but also provides a beautiful background of blue and white against yellow orange and red trees.
Houseboats on Nigin LakeHouseboats on Nigin Lake
Most of the visitors who come to Kashmir valley spend the major portion of their holidays in Houseboats in Nigin lake because of its crystal clear waters and beautiful surroundings. This is the best place in the whole valley for bathing and water skating. This picture has been painted from the north western bank of Nigin lake wherefrom one can see the beautiful Mount Mahadev in the background. 
  Akbar's BridgeAkbar's Bridge
This bridge was made in the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1586. Therefore it is called Akbar's bridge. Under it passes the main water way to famous Shalimar and Nishat gardens and the Nigin lake. The shortest foot-path to Nishat and Shalimar gardens goes over this bridge. One of the main water pipes which brings water from Harwan water reservoir for the Srinagar city passes over this bridge.
Houseboat in MoonlightHouseboat in Moonlight
Houseboat in Kashmir is an ideal place to live in. Especially so when it is bathing in full moonlight. One thinks that as if he is in some dreamland or elsewhere in heavens. Those who want to stay in houseboats must try to enjoy full moon in a houseboat.
  Road to PirpanchalRoad to Pirpanchal
The Pirpanchal range encircling the valley of Kashmir covers the valley from one end to the other. This fact has made this mountain range more popular than the other ranges. In the south west it separates Kashmir valley from Jammu province. The range has many beautiful spots like Gulmarg, Konsarnag, Kongawatan, Yusemarg, etc. Its average height is about 15000 feet. The historical Mughal route crosses the range through Shupyan Pass.
Sheshnag Waters, PehalgamSheshnag Waters, Pahalgam
This scene has been painted about one mile above proper Pahalgam, (village of shepherds) 7200 feet from sea level. The rushing water comes from the frozen lake of Sheshnag situated at a higher altitude in snow mountain ranges on the way to Amarnath Cave the - famous Hindu Shrine.
  Mar Canal at RainawariMar Canal at Rainawari
Wherever the back waters of the Dal Lake touch the banks of Srinagar City it is known as Mar Canal. It has adopted this name from the beautiful Marsar as the major portion of the water of the Dal Lake comes from the Marsar lake situated beyond Harwan water reservoir. It is a restricted area because the Marsar supplies water to the Harwan water reservoir for the Srinagar City. There is a net work of Mar Canals between Dal lake and the Srinagar city.


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