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Sharda Mata at Gushi, Kupwara

It is situated on the bank of Kishanganga (now in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) famous throughout the country before partition. This is considered as a "Siddha Peetha" like Sharika Chakreshwar temple at Hari Parbat. It was a place of learning also and students as well as scholars from far off places used to come here. Some monuments still exist there.

Sharda can be approached via Hoaihama (Kupwara) through the Safawali Gali which leads to Lashadut and from Laderwan (also in Kupwara) via Patukha Gali which leads to Shalabhothu. Both Lashadut and Shalabhothu are on the LOC. The Safawali route is comparatively eaiser.

Across the LOC, Pakistan has constructed a pucca, metalled vehicular road on the right bank of the Kishenganga. A regular passenger bus service plies thereon. The bus plying on the road belongs to the Abbotabad Kashmir Bus Service.

One can go to Sharda by either these routes or from Muzaffarabad or Teetwal which have bridges strong enough for carrying vehicles across the river. The journey by bus would obviously be comfortable. But then the bridges and the whole of the vehicular road are in Pakistan. So undetaking the journey is dependent upon a request being made to Pakistan by India and upon Pakistan granting the necessary permission.



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