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A natural Shivling-shape rock exists in an hillside cave near Nyale village in Mombara (South Africa). Shiva devotees visit the Shrine and a congregational fair is held there on Shivaratri day. Lord 'Ganesha' is the municipal symbol of Bangkok the capital of Thailand. Ever since early Christians subjected Europe to terror and torture many a small groups stuck fo their vedic roots keeping themselves in hiding. The present Druidic Shiva Samhita is a residual remnant of the original ancient Sanskrit Shiv Samhita is shll in possession of the community known as Druids in Europe.

In pre-Christian times all regions of the world followed the Vedic Sanatan Dharma as a way of life. This is expounded in 1375-page illustrated volume titled 'World Vedic Heritage 'published by the lnstitute of Re-writing (Indian) & World History Goodwill Society Aundh Pune with 150 pictures (Price Rs. 400). The author of the illumtnating volume is Manav Ratna Award Winner Prof P.N. Oak who specialises in ancient historical monuments Astrology and Vedic Mathematics.

Evidences of Hindu temples have surfaced with the discovery of icons of Shiva in the old sea port of Quanzhon in Fujian province in south-eastern China. There are historical evidences of Shiva temple in Tianjin in north-east China.

A Ganesh idol dating back to 2000 B.C. excavated from Iran is now in a museum in France. Lord Ganesh has been worshipped in different forms in different countries of the world. The Iranian Ganesh is depicted as a warrior holding a snake in the left hand and a trident in the right while the Ganesh in Rome is depicted as God of learning with a quill in one hand and an inkpot in the other.

Ganesh idols have been unearthed in Indonesia Mexico, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka and Turkey to mention only a few countries.



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