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Swami Himmat Kak

- K.L. Swaroop

Swami Himmat Kak was born in the year 1845 and attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1912. He hailed from Goshi-a village in Kupwara District well known for being the abode of a number of pious men and women. From the very childhood Swami ji was found to be intoxicated by the fervent love of God. Owing to his extraordinary disposition of mind and spirit he, soon after completing his schooling, chose to be away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane wordly life. He embarked on a journey to Sharada Siddha Peetha situated in Tehsil Atha-Muqam, District Muzzafarabad (now in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) on the confluence of Kishen Ganga and Madhumati rivers, about 30 miles from the village Goshi. There in the shrine of Sharada Devi he practiced severe austerities (Tapasya) and attained illumination. At the age of about 40 years, Swami ji was ordained by the presiding Deity of Sharada Peetha in a dream to proceed to Srinagar, shocked to find that his sister's husband Pt. Suraj Ram Swaroop had been killed by some miscreants of a criminal gang after looting his property. This gruesome incident had stunned his sister and his two nephews, Pt. Shiv ji and Pt. Sona joo. All of them were in an aweful and pitiable condition. Swamiji's presence in this hour of distress, was a great solace for them and provided them with the much needed succour. As for himself he got busy with the spiritual activities in a small hut, which he got constructed adjacent to his sister's house at Sathu, Sheetal Nath. This hut became a centre of spiritual activities and remained so till 31st of March, 1912 when Swami ji left this mortal frame. A number of devotees, seekers and others thronged this hut and one of the frequent visitors was Maharaja Pratap Singh, the then ruler of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Source: Koshur Samachar



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