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Poshkar Nath Kaul (Posh Bub)

Sh. POSHKAR NATH KAUL (Popularly known as “POSH BUB”)

Born at and Date of Birth:

On ‘Kartik Dwadashi (Shuklapaksha)’, 1937 at Shehliteng, Habba Kadal, Srinagar.


HH. Pt. TIKALAL JI MAHARAJ of Achan Badgam

Inspiration by:

Maternal uncles who were Bachelors & Saints of the time namely Sh. Rugh Nath Raina (Rugh Kak), Sh Narayan Ju Raina (Naran Kak), Sh. Radha Krishen Raina (Lala Ji), studied Baagwat & Shakth from these Saints in childhood.


Delivered lectures and participated in discourses in ‘Satsangs’ (devotional assemblies) alongwith known saints particularly Lt. Swami Kashkak Jee, Sw. Sarwanand Ji, Sw. Nandlal Ji of Gushi, Sw. Nandlal Ji of Nunar, Bhagwan Gopi Nath Ji of Srinagar, Sw. Mathura Devi of Verinag, Sw. Lakshman Joo of Ishber, Sw. Amritanand of Tullamula, Sw. Neel Kanth of Kanikadal popularly known as Neele Bub, etc.

Association with:

Kirtan Mandalies of Hari Parbat, Pokhribal and other Mandlies in the valley.


Composed devotional “leelas” in Kashmiri, Published an anthology “POSH DAEL” (comprising leelas attributed to “Maharagnya bhagwati”), “SANKSHIPTA RAMAYANA” (Ramayana in brief), some annotations on “DURGA SAPTASHATI”

Ashram’s Temple:

Started an Ashram at Gouri Shankar (Kani Kadal), then migrated to Jammu & Delhi. The Ashrams are running with various activities including Mahayagnas. The ashrams are engaged in various activities of public service like helping widows and destitutes monetarily, granting aid to poor boys and girls to enable them continue their studies etc. etc. Presently the thrust of the main ashram at Chinore, Jammu, is on the spiritual uplift of people at large by regular discourses by Swami Posh bub. Besides lectures and discussions on the Holi Gita, Kirtans and Bhajans are a regular feature. The ashram is thronged by people, curious to learn about various facets of Dharma. Swamijee got a temple (consecrated to “Goddess Durga”) at Chinore.

Picture and writeup provided by:
Mandakini Koul -



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