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Swami Mast Ram Ji

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Swami Mast Ram Ji
Swami Mast Ram Ji

 Swami Mast Ram Jee was born in 1931 at Budlada, (Punjab) in a well to do family of peasants. His original name is Sohan Lal. From his childhood days, Swami Jee had been nursing different feelings about life and worldly affairs and would spend most of his time in chanting the name of the Lord. Parmarth appears to have been enshrined in his lite right trom the day of his birth.

 At the age of 23, he was married to Smt. Hukum Devil Disillusioned with worldly life, Swamijee left his family consisting of three infants only after six years of marriage, in search of God. He travelled throughout India but found his ultimate destination in Kashmir where he submitted himself before His Holiness Swami Nand Lal Ji Maharaj at Tikker in district Kupwara. After testing his devotion, Swami Nand Lal Ji renamed him as Mast Ram. Thus began an era of Guru-Shishya relationship. Mast Ram Jee thereafter wholeheartedly remained at the feet of his Guru Maharaj. Swami Mast Ram Ji was so engrossed in his sadhana that even when children would disturb him during meditation, he would keep always smiling. In due course, he attained great heights and became one of the jewels in the crown of his Guru Maharaj.

 After the Nirvana of his Guru Maharaj, he established an Ashram at Badipora in Dist. Badgam and another one at Patoli in Jammu. On every Ashtami, Swami Jee performs Yagna and organises free langer for thousands of participants.

 After migration from Kashmir, Swami Jee threw open his Ashram in Jammu to the migrants, till they found alternative accommodation. Swami Jee's life is an open book and he believes in Samadrashti. His Ashram always reverberates with sounds of bhajans and Kirtan which is the path to salvation in this Kaliyuga.

 Swami Jee has also established his Ashrams in Delhi and Haridwar. The vast Ashram at Haridwar is open to everybody without any charges and free food is also provided to pilgrims. Swami Jee speaks fluent Kashmiri and sings all Kashmiri bhajans with effortless ease. His devotees are a blessed lot because he never keeps them wanting and waiting whenever they call on him for his blessings. He believes in karma and preaches peace.

 Swami Jee is full of siddhis, but doe not believe in performing miracles, except where the need arises for the benefit of his devotees and humankind. It is not possible to illustrate and mention about his miracles. These must be seen to be believed. Swami Jee, however, in a guarded way, has indeed mentioned about the likely happenings in the valley.

 Swamijee has done a yomen service to Kashmiri literature through a collection named as Sahaj Kosam which contains the bhajans of famous Kashmiri poets. This books is a treasure of Kashmiri literature and Bhakti culture. The book contains the life history and poetry of 23 famous great sons of Kashmiri Pandit community. Every Kashmiri devotee in invited by Swami Jee to take benefit of his stay at Haridwar. The Ashram, which is located at the 7th mile from Har Ki Pauri on Hardwar Rishikesh road, has been built by him in the memory of his Guru Maharaj Swami Nand Lal ji. One has just to take an autorickshaw from Har ki Pauri and get down near the samadhi of Kaulu Siddha. On the left can be seen the name plate Mastbab Ashram (Kashmir ware). His disciples take the benefit of Swami Jee's stay at Haridwar for self-realisation. He normally stays in the Ashram throughout the year.

Source: Koshur Samachar




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