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Chandra Dassi is daughter of Late Pandit Gwash Lal Ganjoo of Rainawari, Srinagar, Kashmir. She is born at Anantnag, Kashmir and had early education there. Her father owned a landed estate at Anantnag. She is married to Sh. Raj Nath Dassi.

She is religious from childhood and devotes most of the time in such activities. She has served Swami Harekrishan devotedly. It was Chandra Ji's unrelenting devotion and service to this great saint, that he initiated her in the knowledge of the Supreme and blessed her. Prof. A.N.Dhar, a distinguished literary person of J&K state has written about Chandra ji in ," A Feeling Of Spiritual Satisfaction", Sunday Magazine, Daily EXCELSIOR, Jammu, July 16th, 2006 having been an earnest saadhak from her childhood, as a disciple of the reputed saint Swami Harekrishan, Chandra ji writes largely from her own experience as a spiritual seeker.

She writes with care and knowledgeabilty which indicates that she is conversant with our sacred texts and at the same time, she is introspective as a saadhak. She is full of devotion to her deity and Guru alike. To my mind the main motivation behind her vaakh composition is the spiritual satisfaction. Chandra ji is well versed in our religious scriptures. she is potential writer of vaakhs.

Her vaakhs are soul stirring, illuminative and carry spiritual truth. her first book of mystic verses,"CHANDER VAAKH" was published and released in the year 2002 and second book, "PAZRUK NAAD" was released in the year 2005.



US Contact Address:
Ms. Purnima D. Ganju
10522 Gatewood Glen Ct. 

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: 904-519-9689

Canada Contact Address:
Ms. Daya Dassi Bhan
513-9 LISZT Gate
North York, Ontario M2H1G6

Phone: 416-497-2338

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