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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Mun sether kar mantar par
Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Mun shodh bani sakhshaat nani
Hune hune gati manze gash
SuVechare beiye shradhai par

Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Prabhatas ach mandhras
Gange zale ten naeveth
Dhyaan-Dharnaeye mani manz sur
Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Shiv-Nathas goud the ashe-zale

Shaire lagus bhaaw posh
Mun prane waare tuta kar

Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Yandhrey naivedh sumbrao
Mun trambri munz thao
Dheh dheep zaleth waare par

Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Waasnaeye dhoop thaw dhazewun
Vighyane dheep brazwun
Vez purwukh vezhana kar

Shiv Shankar Shamboo

Suhustre dal kamal phulrao
Shive anugreh yuth prao
Shiv neth sur chale zet-mur

Shiv Shankar Shamboo



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