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Kashmiri Pandit Symbol of Unity - Devnagri version

Kashmiri Pandit Symbol of Unity - Devnagri version

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Photo - Kashmiri Pandit Symbol of Unity - Devnagri version Information

Description: Theme: Maa Shakti with Dhejahroon in the form of Maej Kasheer

Designed by Sandeep Sopori

Special Thanks to Shri Pawan Durrani & Shri Dilip Langoo

Concept : Please visit http://www.ikashmir.org/Deyjehour.html

One Dream - One LOGO - One Panun Kasheer

Copyright - 2004-2010, Sandeep Sopori
Symbol for KP Unity
Date: 28.06.2004 21:52
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Added by: sunilfotedar
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Join Date: 02.05.2004
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Dejhor the symbol of oneness
Dejhor that is created as LOGO of the Kashmiri Pandit community represents us in a complete way because as far as our faith is concerned, rituals, language, customs and almost everything is concerned that makes us a different group of people from rest of the other Hindu communities around the country represents us in the best way.
In the Dejhor above there are several things and aspects that are symbolically designed and those are:-
1. Dejhor made up of Gold that is the outcome of the design of a SHATKON representing SHIVA AND SHAKTI.
2. This aspect reflects UNITY, PURITY & PROSPERITY.
3. Eleven OMKAARS around represent KAH NOAV [EIKADASH RUDRA] concept of Lord Shivas worship in Kashmir.
4. The Aadhar on which this has been placed is four walls of SHRIYANTRA actually DEJHOR is the outcome of SHRIYANTRA only. This describes the Shaiva and Shakta traditions of Kashmiri Pandits.
5. The Panun Kashmir Map is also incorporated for what is the only demand of cent% of Kashmiri Pandits after MARGDARSHAN resolution passed in the year 1991.
6. The BINDU in the center of the Dejhor denotes the PARAMSHIVA and even the fixity of purpose.
7. Since Dejhor is in use since past so many millennia’s it represents our age-old heritage.
8. This is an existing ornament in use so this best represents us as a unique symbol. DL
01.07.2004 18:34 Offline dlangoo dlangoo at yahoo.co.uk