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Navreh Card - Back - 2014-15

Navreh Card - Back - 2014-15

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Description: The painting shows how Shiva in his initial, unmanifested stage remains calm, unattributed and conjoined with his own reflective nature (Shakti). This reflective nature when manifested takes different forms and is known as Mother Bhuwaneshwari. The energy which sustains the manifested one in form of Matter and Energy. So unmanifested Shiva enjoys his manifested world – Panchanan and Bhuvneshwari. The Great Cosmic Power Bhuwaneshwari has the colour of the rising sun, with the crescent moon on her forehead, four hands and three eyes. In two of her hands she holds a chain and a stake, and with the other two hands she makes the gestures of casting away the fear (abhaya mudra) and the gesture of offering the wonderful spiritual gifts (varada mudra). The Great Cosmic Power Bhuwaneshwari is sitting on a bed resembling a throne which represents the five forms of manifestation of the God Shiva, as we described them in the article about the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari.
From this throne, the Great Cosmic Power Bhuwaneshwari controls and organizes the movement of the entire universe. Different gods and goddesses who serve her and immediately obey her orders surround the Great Cosmic Power Bhuwaneshwari. Any manifested form is in fact a system of energy waves that exist based on subtle relationships, or resonances with the macrocosmic sources of energy from the Infinite.
Therefore, one of the important methods of transcending the illusion is to learn to see around us the sacred space of the Divine Mother Bhuwaneshwari, space that is in fact her gigantic, ineffable consciousness that surrounds us in a kind and loving embrace.
Date: 29.03.2014 13:18
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