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Kashmiri Rituals and Ceremonies
MaenzraatA vast number of rituals followed by Kashmiri Pandits, in their birth, death and marriage rituals have a phenomenal identity and theological content. Rituals like Gada-Batta, Kaw Punim, Khachi Mavas, Herath, etc. have an ancient past and are symbolic of a theological philosophy, which predates the advent of the Sanskrit Aryans into Kashmir. These rituals have a proto-Aryan origin.

Ancient and Modern Ascetics in Kashmir
Krishna Joo RazdanIn the last millenium, Kashmir has produced a galaxy of great saints, seers and savants who have enriched, elevated and refined life and helped the people at large in distress.

Abhinavgupta, Parmanand, Lal Ded ...
Places of Worship
MATA KHIR BHAWANI TEMPLE AT TULMULThe Kashmir valley being sacred and called Rishi wari till now, abounds in sacred places, Tirthas and Asthans. Long ago at the dawn of civilisation when the sons of Rishi Kashyapa from plains came to settle here they brought with them their traditions, religion, mythology etc.

Sharda Peeth, Kshir Bhawani, Tula Mulla, Chakrishawar Temple ...
Gods and Goddesses
Goddess of Learning SHARADAJust as a single force in space can be mathematically conceived as having various spatial components, the Supreme Being or God, the personal form of the Ultimate Reality, is conceived by Hindus as having various aspects. A Hindu deity (god or goddess; note small g) represents a particular aspect of the Supreme Being.

Dinanath YakshThe Sanskritic Shastras have survived in India as a part of the Vedic ritualistic culture. The Vedic ritualism has been a text-based culture. In the development of this ritual-culture a variety of sciences emerged as a part of it thus making it richer. These sciences were a part of a living tradition survived by the respective experts called Pandits. After learning and disseminating this traditional knowledge it was taught to the consecutive generations.
Janki Nath Kaul Kamal

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Hinduism in Kashmir
MATA KHIR BHAWANI TEMPLE AT TULMULThe religious practices of Hindus of Kashmir (popularly known as Kashmiri Pandits) revolve around the worship of Shiva and Shakti. All other deities (gods and goddesses) of the traditional Hindu pantheon are worshipped as various manifestations of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the Supreme Lord of the universe and Shakti, the Universal Mother Goddess, is his eternal companion.
A brook near the entrance of the temple

A brook near the entrance of the temple





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